ITC Zapf Chancery

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ITC Zapf Chancery
Pangramm de Zapf Chancery.png
Category Script
Designer(s) Hermann Zapf
Foundry ITC

ITC Zapf Chancery is a family of script typefaces designed by the type designer Hermann Zapf. It is one of the three typefaces designed by Zapf that are shipped with computers running Apple's Mac OS.[1] It is one of the core PostScript fonts[2]

Variants and similar typefaces[edit]

URW Chancery L by URW (Unternehmensberatung Rubow Weber — from the founders' names[3] now retitled URW++) provides a GPL-ed clone of the font. An extended version TeX Gyre Chorus is another similar typeface based on the URW Chancery L font. This typeface is released in formats compatible with LaTeX as well as with modern OpenType compatible systems.

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