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"Student's Zapiekanka"
Alternative names
Polish fast food
Place of origin
Main ingredients
bread, mushrooms, cheese, ham, meat, vegetable
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Zapiekanka (derived from zapiekać – "to scorch", "to roast") is a Polish halved baguette or bread topped mainly with mushrooms and cheese, also ham or other types of meat, and vegetables. Beside some basic versions there are several recipes like: "zapiekanka na ostro" (spicy Zapiekanka) and "zapiekanka z mięsem" (Zapiekanka with meat). They are usually placed in an oven until the cheese melts and the baguette or bread is crispy. It is served scalloped and usually topped with dressings, usually ketchup. Some variants include extra ingredients like onion or paprika, rarely chives. It’s a very popular fast food in Poland.

A very popular type of Zapiekanka is a "student's Zapiekanka", sometimes also called "whatever Zapiekanka". It is made of whatever is at home at the moment, and the only compulsory ingredients are bread and cheese. It's very commonly served (as an alternative to sandwiches) to unexpected guests if the host has nothing else to serve. It's also a quick dish for students, sometimes taking even less time to make than an instant soup. As it can be stored in the fridge before baking, many students prepare a full plate of them at the weekend so that they have something quick and nutritious to eat for the whole week. It is sometimes referred to as a 'Polish fast food'.

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