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Zaranha Beach (also in the Capeverdean Crioulo forms of ALUPEC or ALUPEK, the Santo Antão and the São Vicente Crioulos: Praia de Santa Mónica) is a point beach covering the northern coastline of the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. Its total length is approximately 5 km and it extends from halfway between Alto Mira and Cruzinha up to the village of Cruzinha by the Ribeira da Garça. The beach are accessed with labyrinthine remote roads that are inaccessible from Alto Mira. The area around are hilly and are filled with grasslands and bushy, its landscape is hilly green, it is accessible from remote roads linking with the Cruzinha-Ribeira Grande Road.

Nearest promontory, Cruzinha

Places by the beach Cruzinha, east

The point offers a view of the Atlantic Ocean as well as its nearby area.