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For other uses, see Zarjaz (disambiguation).
Parent company Virgin Records
Founded 1984 (1984)[1]
Founder Madness
Status Disbanded
Genre Pop
Country of origin UK

Zarjazz was a record label, a sub-label of Virgin Records.[2] The name comes from zarjaz, a fictitious slang word meaning "excellent" in the comic 2000 AD.[3] The label was formed in 1984 by British ska band Madness. Its first release was Feargal Sharkey's hit single "Listen to Your Father",[4] on which Madness (minus Suggs) performed as Sharkey's backing group. Zarjazz also achieved success with album and single releases by Madness themselves, and with the charity record 'Starvation' (credited as Starvation) featuring members of Madness, UB40, The Pioneers and General Public. The record label dissolved in 1986. Other Zarjazz artists were The Fink Brothers (Suggs and Chas Smash),[5] Charm School and Tom Morley.[6]

The label was run from an office on Caledonian Road in North London, which also houses Liquidator Studios. Madness still owns the studio, but currently rents the premises to Apollo 440.

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