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The Zarriné-Rūd (Persian: زرّینه‌رود‎, literally meaning The golden river), also transliterated as Zarrinerood and Zarrineh-Rud, is a river in Kurdistan Province and West Azarbaijan Province, Iran. It is 302 km long, arising in the mountains of Kurdistan Province south of Saqqez, where it is also known as the Jaqtoo (Jaqalu) River.[1][2]

The Zarriné flows northward and is dammed at Sadd-e Kurosh-e Kabir (Cyrus the Great Dam)[3] at the border with West Azarbaijan, producing a large reservoir. There is a power plant there.[1] The river continues north and slightly west past the cities of Shahin Dezh, Kashavar and Miandoab and into Lake Urmia.


The tributaries of the Zarriné include:[2]

  • The Chomeh River with its source in the Gardaneh Khan mountains east of Baneh,
  • The Khor Khoreh River which runs through Saqqez,
  • The Sarooq with its source in the Takab region, and
  • The Morli (Leila) with its source in the Sahand region.


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