Zayd ibn Arqam

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This is a Sahaba of Muhammad

After the Invasion of Banu Mustaliq 'Abdullāh ibn ‘Ubayy, who was referred to as the head of the Hypocrites (al-Munāfiqūn), was furious for the challenge which the Muslims showed towards the hostile plans and vicious intrigues woven behind closed doors, and swore "the most honourable will expel the meanest out of Madinah," and added: "They (the Muslims) have outnumbered and shared us our land. If you fatten your dog, it will eat you." Zayd ibn Arqam narrated this to the Prophet who then asked for Abdullāh ibn ‘Ubayy's presence. He swore many solemn oaths denying he had stated something like this and because of this he was let go. But later on the testimony of Zayd ibn Arqam was verified by the revelation of Surah Al-Munāfiqūn. [1]

When Zaid was older, he retold the hadith of the two weighty things, during the Banu Umayyad rule. One version is quoted in Sahih Muslim where he, after being asked several times, tells about the event and unwillingly concludes that Muhammad's wives are not part of the Ahl ul-Bayt. In another version, he gives a more vague answer. He was the first person in Islam to give his home for the first namaz/salah in Islam, which was led by Muhammad. It was in his house where Caliph Umar converted to Islam.

He gave allegiance to Abu Bakr, when Ali did so.[2]


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