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"Zeynab" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Zeynab, Iran.

Zaineb (also spelled Zainab, Zaneb, Zaeneb, Zaynab, Zainub, Zeinab, Zeinabu, Zeinabou, Zenebu, Zeineb, Zenab, Zeynab, Zeyneb, Zeynep, Zejneb, Zejneba or Zeynib; Arabic: زينب‎, examples on Arabic pronunciations: [ˈzeːnæb, ˈziːnæb, ˈzajnab]) is an Arabic female given name meaning "a father's precious jewel", "the one who glorifies a father". It is derived from the Arabic root words "zeenah" (meaning precious jewel, what glorifies someone, source of beauty) and "ab" (meaning father). It can also mean "fragrant flower". Zaynab is the name of a daughter and a granddaughter of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. It is believed to be a modification of the name of a pre-Islam Syrian queen that is rendered in Greek as Zenobia.[1]

Bosnian forms of the name are "Zeineb", "Zejneb" and "Zejneba".

Famous people called Zaynab include:

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