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Birth name Xavier Dotson
Origin Atlanta, Georgia
Genres Hip Hop, Trap
Occupation(s) Record Producer, DJ
Years active 1997-present
Labels Zaytown USA
1017 Brick Squad Records
Associated acts Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Migos, OJ da Juiceman, Soulja Boy, Usher, Waka Flocka Flame, Young Jeezy,

Xavier Dotson, better known as Zaytoven,[1] is an American DJ and record producer. He is currently based out of San Francisco, California and was born in Germany on an Army base.[2] He was raised in San Francisco but later moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, he has worked with Gucci Mane extensively, contributing at least one song on every one of his albums, and doing many mixtapes with him. He has also worked with other notable Atlanta artists, such as Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, Gorilla Zoe, Young Jeezy, OJ Da Juiceman, Future, Usher (for the singer's top 40 hit "Papers") Migos (for their Hot 100 hit "Versace"), and other non-Atlanta artists such as Nicki Minaj, producing hundreds of songs in total. On June 25, 2013 He released the Independent film Birds Of A Feather With Co-Stars Al Nuke, Gucci Mane and Big Bank Black. In 2013 He also released the straight to DVD Movie Series Weed Man With Co-Stars Villa Mane and Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet. On June 25, 2013 it was announced that Zaytoven and rapper Chief Keef would be collaborating on a full album together, though plans have yet to materialize.[3]


  • Confessions Of A Thug (2005) (w/ Daron Fordham & Gucci Mane)
  • Zaytown The DVD (2010) (Directed By Villa Mane)
  • All Mine [Short Film] (2011) (Directed By Villa Mane)
  • Birds Of A Feather (2012) (w/ Al Nuke, Gucci Mane & Big Bank Black)
  • Weed Man Movie Series (2013) (w/ Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet & Villa Mane)
  • Finesse The Movie (2015)

Other Production credits[edit]


  • 2008: ZayToven
  • 2009: ZayToven Beats
  • 2009: Trap Boy (with Gucci Mane)
  • 2009: ZayTown PT.2 *2009: Free Gucci (with Waka Flocka Flame & DJ Drama)
  • 2010: Gangsta Musik (with Humble G & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2010: Lissen Up (with Sig HB & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2010: Artillery South Trapping (with Mook & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2011: Trappin' R&B (with Sig HB & DJ Scream)
  • 2011: He Hate Me (with Marco & DJ Jack)
  • 2012: Villa Season (with Villa Mane & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2012: No Apologies (with The R.E.G.I.M.E. & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2012: Str8 Drop 4 (with K Digga & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2012: Favor (with E Cook & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2012: Black Hollywood (with Tracy T & DJ P Exclusives)
  • 2013: Villains 2 Society (with Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet & Villa Mane)
  • 2015: Beast Mode (with Future)
  • 2015: OG Zay (with OG Maco)


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