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Zazai (Pashto: ځاځی dzādzai; plur. ځاځي dzādzi), also spelled Dzadzi, Jaji, is a Karlan Pashtun tribe. Zazi is a sub-tribe of Khogyani which falls under the Karlan tribe of the Pashtuns. They are found in Paktia and Khost provinces of Afghanistan, but they have a small population in Kabul city and Baghlan province of Afghanistan as well. A large number of Zazis also reside in the Kurram Agency of North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. The Zazai are divided into nine wands: 1(Hashim Kehil),2(Lehwani), 3(Ada Khel), Petla (combined with the Allisengeh), Hassan Khel, Karaia Ahmad Khel, Ahmad Khel (combined with the Bayan Khel), Ali Khel, and the Jamu Khel.[1]

Ethnicity and geography[edit]

The Zazai are similar to the Turi, except in that the Zazai are Sunni Muslims.[1]

Zazai tribe is inhabited in four major geographic locations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • Aryob Zazai is in Paktia province and majority of Zazi tribe live here.
  • Maidan Zazai, district in the Khost province.
  • Kwarma (Kurram) Zazai is a political agency in the Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan bordering with Aryob Zazai. A large population of Zazai have started migrating to Kwarma over the past few decades.
  • Kabul Zazai A very large population of Zazai tribe are also living in the Kabul city of Kabul province. Majority of the population in areas like Kalacha, kart-e naw, Shashdarak, Pul-e Mahmood Khan are inhabited by Zazai.

Notable Zazai[edit]

  • Eng. Qutbuddin Hilal, Deputy Prime Minister (Afghanistan) during the period of Mujahideen (Eng. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar) and active member of Hezbi Islami from Zazi Maidan district.
  • Nabi Misdaq, founder of BBC Pashto service
  • Mohammad Omar Khan Mumtaz (died July 2006), a tribal chief of Ali Khel Zazai tribe of Paktiya Province and owner of The Afghan Mumtaz Transport and Company and commercial properties,farmlands in Afghanistan.
  • Professor Ghulam Dastagir Khan, Professor University of Kabul
  • Professor Ghulam Dastagir, a Scholar and intellectual completed his schooling from Aroub High School district of Paktia, and subsequently BS and MS from university of Kabul and Odessa State University - USSR. He has almost 30 years of teaching experience and an active member of university of Kabul
  • Capt Hamidullah Zazai, pilot by profession serving Ariana Afghan Airlines as Vice President of Operations.
  • Abdul Wahab Zazai, gold medalist in Taek Wando in Feather Weight over 51-55 KG 3rd International Taekwondo Championship in 2010.
  • Tawab Zazai (Zafarzai), Ex- Afghanistan National Cricket team player & Manager Afghanistan national A Cricket Team.
  • Majnoon Gulab Zazai, Minister Counsellor and Charged Affairs, Deputy Head of Mission, acting Ambassador[2][3][4]


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