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Zdeněk Chalabala (18 April 1899, Uherské Hradiště – 4 March 1962) was a Czech conductor. He conducted orchestras in Prague, Ostrava, Moscow.

In 1924 he founded Slovácká filharmonie. He was chief opera conductor of the Slovak National Theatre, where he produced many Yugoslav and Russian operas. He was also conductor in the National Theatre of Brno. His students included Vítězslava Kaprálová.

Selected recordings[edit]


  1. ^ The Gramophone: Volume 83, Issues 993-996 2005 "Now gathered together on a single disc, Zdenek Chalabala's irresistibly tangy and atmospheric Czech PO accounts from 1961 are also well worth seeking out. Yes, the sound is dated, and there are some jarring cuts in The Golden Spinning Wheel... The 1961 recording, clear and full on voices, makes the orchestra seem rather thin, though you can appreciate the warmth of Zdenek Chalabala's reading. He made the recording only weeks before his death. "