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Zdob și Zdub
Zdob şi Zdub, ESC 2011.jpg
Zdob și Zdub before the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf.
Background information
Origin Chișinău, Moldova
Genres Ska punk, Rapcore, gypsy punk
Years active 1994–present
Website http://www.zdob-si-zdub.com
Members Roman Iagupov
Mihai Gîncu
Sveatoslav Starus
Andrei Cebotari
Valeriu Mazîlu
Victor Dandeş
Past members Anatol Pugaci
Igor Buzurniuc
Alexandru Gîncu
Valeriu Pugaci
Serghei Cobzac
Vitalii Kacianiuc
Vadim Bogdan
Victor Cosparmac
Dumitru Cuharenco
Serghei Pushnina
Sergiu Vatavu
Ion Stavila
Eugen Didic
Vadim Eremeev
Pezza Butnaru

Zdob și Zdub ([zdɔp ʃi zdʊp]) is a Moldovan band, based in Chișinău, whose work for the last several years has combined elements of hip-hop (especially sampling), hardcore punk and comical lyrics with traditional Romanian folk music. The name is onomatopoeic for the sound of a drum beat. In English the name is sometimes rendered "Zdob shi Zdub", and this is how their work is catalogued at iTunes and elsewhere. The band represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine, on 21 May 2005, finishing 6th. They also represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 14 May 2011, finishing 12th.

Band history[edit]

The Zdob si Zdub (from Romanian – the imitation of a drum sound) musical band was put together in 1994 in Moldova. Before that, the singer Roman Yagupov, the bass-player Mihai Gincu and the drummer Anatol Pugach had attended School No 2 together in a small town from the suburbs of Chisinau, called Straseni (20,000 inhabitants, 23 km north-west of Chisinau). They found the missing musicians during their studies at the Sports College in Chisinau. The line-up of the band was constantly changing: sometimes the band had two singers, sometimes two guitarists. As a result, one guitarist became a singer, the clarinettist - a drummer, and the drummer - a bass-player.

At your attention! Roman tells “how it all began”–the prehistory you never heard before…

Roman: “It all began around 1988-1990. Mihai (which is younger by 1 class), his neighbour Anatol (my classmate) and I went to the same school, No.2, in Straseni. I lived far away from the centre of our small town (Podul Volocii region), and sometimes I was coming there, to meet with my friends. Together we played some music, tried to write some of our own songs, watched videos and talked about different things – namely, we creatively spent our leisure time. Gathering at Anatol’s place, we played and even recorded some songs (of The Beatles and Roxette) – our drums were the books and we had “antediluvian” microphones. We didn’t have our own instruments but forks, spoons, books and an acoustic very used guitar. All our “master pieces” were recorded on a tape recorder “Electronica 302M”. The slow process of playing the musicians transformed into something more serious when Mihai’s older brother, Alexandru, came back from the army. A leader and a dream appeared.

Alexandru (Sasha) played well guitar and he was ambitious. He gathered us into a band where everybody had a role. Sasha was the vocals and played guitar, Mihai played bass and drums, Anatol – also vocal, Anatol’s little brother (Valeriu) played clarinet. I played guitar. It took us a while to think of a band name and finally we decided on “Santa Maria”. Therefore, under this name we held our first live concert at “Ave Beatles” Festival in Chisinau. After this event we started to create a rehearsal place and to buy our own instruments (drums, guitars).

During that period, Anatol and I were working as electricians at a fruits and vegetables depot, Mihai was working as loader at the wine factory, Valera was working at the music school, but Alexadru got a job in Chisinau, at “Apa Canal”. This is how we got to move to Chisinau. The style of our music was unclear to me – there were some what ever songs, musical fantasies and the ideas of Sasha. Our style from those times could be named “peripheral naive chanson-funk”. At the time, when Alexandru was taking a brake and he was leaving the rehearsal room, we were starting to jump, to go crazy, to play Nirvana and Queen songs… These things irritated Sasha. Came the time when he went to work in Germany. And so we were offered to ourselves, to our musical ideas and… hurray! Freedom!

At the time, I was already studying at The Physical Education and Sport Institute. I invited my institute mate, Serghei Cobzac, to join our band. We returned to Straseni, where we recorded our first album. The band name was “Noise”. Unfortunately, the album didn’t reach the present times… Then – again the capital and rehearsals in the basement of the school No. 59 from the Chisinau’s region – Buiucani. This basement became the legendary cradle of the future Zdubs. It was a period with concerts, adventures: we got acquainted with the rock scene of Chisinau, with people that played a significant role in our lives… namely, Igor Coselean, Svetlana Macarova, Igor Dinga, Ghenadie Barbu, Vlada and Costic, the bands “Cuibul” and “Axident”. We moved to Chisinau and we were becoming rockers".

In the spring of 1994, Roman Yagupov met the future producer of "Zdob si Zdub" - Igor Dinga, the singer of the seminal band "Cuibul". In June, the band got some attention from the music media in Chisinau, while playing before the "Cuibul" performance.

In November 1994, the first demo was recorded in a professional studio, and one song, "The Lost World" passed the selection of the "Learn To Swim - 1" Festival in Moscow, where the band appeared for the first time as "Zdob si Zdub". The band managed to capture immediately the attention and sympathies of Moscow extreme youth and made friends with the local alternative bands, especially with the "IFK", that accepted "Zdob si Zdub" invitation to play at the "10 Years After Chernobyl" Action in Chisinau.

In July 1996, "Zdob si Zdub" participated at the "Learn to Swim - 2" Festival, where they played before the world famous alternative band "Rage Against the Machine".

Two songs were recorded for the "Learn To Swim - 2" compilation: "V dome moiom" ("In My House") in Russian, and "Hardcore Moldovenesc" in Romanian. The second song has become an absolute hit, and it still is the "visit card" of the band. All national radio stations broadcast "Hardcore Moldovenesc", which became the hymn of the alternative youth in Moldova, being in the top of the hit parades. The same song was included in the "Romanian Underground" compilation in Romania, attracting attention due to the obvious Moldovan dialect.

At the end of 1996, as a result of the deal with the Russian label "FeeLee", "Zdob si Zdub" recorded their debut album "Hardcore Moldovenesc". The entire album is in Russian, with the exception of the title track.

In January 1997, the band had an opening performance for "Biohazard" and "Rollins Band" in Moscow.

In March 1997, the band made a promotion tour with the Russian band "Tequilajazz" in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Chisinau.

In August 1997, "Zdob si Zdub" played at the "Kazantip" Festival in Crimea in front of thousands of people.

In October 1997, the band recorded 10 songs of the album "Hardcore Moldovenesc" in Romanian, for distribution in Romania.

In December 1997, "Zdob si Zdub" initiated the "Learn to Swim" Festival in Chisinau, and invited the bands "Kirpitchi" from St. Petersburg and "Neurotica" from Timisoara (Transilvania, Romania).

In 1998, "Zdob si Zdub" toured a lot, and at the end of the year had a two weeks tour in Germany. After that, "Zdob si Zdub" started to work on a new album, heading away from the American hardcore-concept, making more use of ethnic instruments, using them in the same extreme way, but with a more melodic, lyrical Moldovan touch. All the new songs are written in Moldavian dialect of Romanian language.

It was the beginning of a new stage: preparation for the recording of a new album under the name "Tabara Noastra". The album was recorded with the help of the famous Moldovan musicians, and, namely, Anatol Stefanet from "Trigon" (violin alt), Valeriu Cascaval from the folk music band "Barbu Lautaru" (dulcimer), and Eugen Didic from "Cuibul" (trumpet). The album consists of 12 songs, three of which are in Russian and the remaining - in Romanian. Three songs have been recorded and submitted for promotion: "Draga Otee" - an old hit of the well-known Moldovan musician Iurie Sadovnik, the soulful ballade "Maria Blues", and "Zdubii Bateti Tare", resembling the Moldovan hardcore.

After the debut and triumphal concert in Bucharest, "Zdob si Zdub" has shot its first video clip on the title-track "Zdubii Bateti Tare" at the Romanian music channel Atomic TV in Bucharest.

In May 1999, "FeeLee" released the Russian version of the album "Zdubii Bateti Tare" under the name "Tabara Noastra".

The presentation of the new album "Tabara Noastra" took place in St. Petersburg on May 26, 1999, and in Moscow on May 21-28, where the band had an opening performance for "Soulfly" (Max Cavalera, ex-"Sepultura"). On August 14, 1999, "Zdob si Zdub" was invited to one more unforgettable show in Moscow - the Russian MTV-Party, held on the Red Square. With other Russian bands, such as "Gorky Park" and "IFK", they opened the concert of "Red Hot Chili Peppers". There were about 150.000 people watching this show live, and, probably, even more on the transmission on MTV-Russia.

On Christmas Eve, together with "Taraf de Tigani din Clejani", the band performed a concert at the legendary "Laptaria lui Enache" in Bucharest. Gypsy "Lautars" made a strong impression on Roman Yagupov. Their influence is felt in the next album "Agroromantica".

In January 2000, the band was invited at the EuroSonic Festival in Groningen, the Netherlands. The performance was broadcast by 14 radio stations. There the band got acquainted with the director of Sziget festival Mr. Dan Panaitescu.

In August 2000, "Zdob si Zdub" took "Pepsi Sziget" Festival by storm, sharing the same stage with the following stars of European and American music: Susanne Vega, "Guano Apes", "Lou Reed", "Apollo 440", "Bloodhound Gang", "Therapy?", "Oasis".

Also, in August 2000, "Zdob si Zdub" played at the "Nashestvie" Festival, held in Ramenskoe, Russia.

In September 2000, "Zdob si Zdub" participated at the "Slaviansky Bazar" Festival in Kiev (Ukraine), together with "Ivan Kupala", "Lyapis Trubetskoi", and "Vopli Vidoplyasova" bands.

In October 2000, "Zdob si Zdub" recorded the cover version of the song "Videli Nochi", as a tribute to the legendary musical band "Kino" from St. Petersburg. The song became an absolute hit, and won the 1st places in all mass-media charts and hit parades of the CIS countries for a half of a year. About 1.5 million copies of the album have been sold. "Zdob si Zdub" became the most touring band and received the prize of the "Fuzz" music-magazine (St. Petersburg) as the “best live group” in Russia for 2000.

On January 31, 2001, in Moscow, "Zdob si Zdub" played together with the legendary musician and film director Emir Kusturica and his "The No Smoking Orchestra".

On the 9th of May 2001, in Moscow, the "Zdob si Zdub" participated at a concert with the occasion of the Victory Day, performing the cover-version of the wartime famous song "Smugleanka-moldavanka". This song was recorded at the studio, entered many compilations and was sold in million copies.

On the 19th of May 2001, "Zdob si Zdub" played at one of the most prestigious Russian festivals - "Maxidrom" for the second time. 20 000 people were singing Primavara song together with Roman Yagupov.

Regardless the tight concert schedule, from September 2000 until May 2001, the band had been working on its new album "Agroromantica", which was recorded and mixed at the "FM Division" Studio in Moscow. According to the musicians, the new album is an amazing mixture of country romantics, fiery Balkan gypsy music, Moldovan folklore, and hardcore elements. This diversity could be called "music zdob".

September the 7th, 2001 - is the official date of presentation of the album "Agroromantica" in Moldova. On 7-21 September 2001, a grandiose tour on Moldova, called "Temporomantica", took place. 9 free concerts were performed in the biggest towns of the Republic.

The presentation of the album "Agroromantica" in Moscow took place on the 12th of October 2001, in the "B-2" club.

In 2001, the band participated at some International Festivals: • July 5 - "MUF+VOBAN 2001", Zrenjanin, Serbia; • July 19 - "Tavriiskie Igri", Kahovka, Ukraine; • August 7 - "PEPSI SZIGET 2001", Budapest, Hungary; • August 18 - "ROCK'N'TOUL", Saint-George, Italy; • October 5 - "Prosto Rock", Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2001, the band performed more than 110 concerts in 34 cities and 7 countries. Also, in 2001, the band shot two video clips on the songs "Buna dimineata!" ("Good morning!") and "Tigan i NLO" ("Gypsy and UFO").

The presentation of the album "Agroromantica" in Romania took place on the 1st of March 2002, in the overcrowded "Hanul lui Manuc".

The video of their song "Bună Dimineaţa!" ("Good Morning"), a tongue-in-cheek evocation of the agro-romanticism of the Stalinist-era Soviet Union and its satellites was awarded Romanian video clip of the year (2001) at the "Televest" Festival in Timişoara, Romania. The following year they won the equivalent MTV Romania Video Music Award for "Ţiganii și OZN" ("The Gypsies and the UFO").

15 June 2002 - participation to the MTV Romania opening in the "Lia Manoliu" stadium.

6 August 2002 - participation to the "Krilia" rock music festival, on the Tushino aerodrome, Moscow, Russia.

25 August 2002 - participation to the "Slavianskii Bazar" festival, Minsk, Belarus.

In October 2002 the band shot a video on Doina Haiducului song. It became the first video that was shot on 35-mm film in the band's history.

In November 2002 ZsZ invited Romanian gypsy orchestra "Yagalo" to Chisinau. Together they recorded 2 songs, which then were included into "450 Sheep" album. These were "Everybody in the Casa Mare", "Cuculetul" and cover version of the Rolling Stones' "Paint it black".

In 2003, the band's song "Everybody in the Case Mare" was featured over the opening and closing credits of the short film "Călătorie la oraş" ("A Trip to the City") by Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu.

14 October 2002 - participation at the MTV European Music Awards ceremony in Barcelona. Zdob si Zdub were nominated at the "Best Romanian Act" section.

In October 2002 ZsZ shot a video "Everybody in the Casa Mare" with participation of gypsy singer from "Yagalo" orchestra Vasile Dinu (МС Vasile), and in February 2003 Russian version of this song with Garik Sukachiov. Later the video with МС Vasile won the first place in the top of Slovakian TV channel "Musicbox" the first place in the top-ten of MTV Romania.

At the end of 2002 the drummer Andrey Cebotari left the band. Mihai Gincu had to take the drums on himself and temporary Vadim Erofeev from Moscow "Nebo Zdes" band was invited on the place of bass player.

In February 2003 at a German independent label TRIKONT (www.trikont.de ) came out a compilation "Russian Disco Hits", which became a bestseller in Germany. It included Russian version of "Gypsy and UFO" song.

5 June 2003 - the second award from MTV Romania in "Best Video" nomination for Doina Haiducului video.

5 July 2003 - taking part in "Krilia" festival in Tushino, Moscow, Russia. The performance was under threat of derangement, as there was an act of terrorism on the entrance to the festival - three women terrorists blew up bombs on themselves. The Major of Moscow decided to continue the festival, as it was impossible to evacuate 70 000 people. The band performed 3 songs. One of the songs was the premier of "Everybody in the casa mare" with Garik Sukachiov.

23 August 2003 - HODOKVAS Festival in Modra, Slovakia took place. It was also the beginning of negotiations with Warner Music Austria on distribution of a new album on territory of Europe.

20 September 2003 - NOKIA TOTALBOARD FEST, Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine. 50 000 spectators.

24 November 2003 the next album "450 Sheep" came out. The first edition took place in Europe on Warner Мusic Austria. The first presentation of "450 Sheep" took place in Slovakia and a tour in support of the album took place in around 5 cities of this Central European country in December.

According to the reports of "Slovak Album Chart" the album "450 Sheep" became the first in the list of best selling albums of the foreign artists during the Christmas sales in December 2003.

18 December 2003 "450 Sheep" presentation took place in Bucharest (Romania).

The show was broadcast live on the internet and Romanian TV channel ТVR1.

12 February 2004 - in "Moscova" club "450 Sheep" presentation took place in Chisinau. The club was full. The spectators were treated with a glass of wine and piece of brynza (traditional cheese) on the entrance. The show was shot by the National Television of Moldova.

In March 2004 after 5 years of absence the drummer Anatoly Pugaci returned to the band. Mihai Gincu took up the bass again.

In March 2004 a new video of ZsZ came out on "DJ Vasile" track under the label of ZsZ. The indispensable gypsy MC Vasile ("Yagalo" orchestra) and Osoianu sisters (Moldavian folk group "Talancuta") took part in the shooting. Osoianu sisters recorded back vocals for this song.

22 April 2004 ZsZ won the nomination "Best Ethno" on MTV Romanian Music Awards and received their 5th MTV statuette.

At the end of March 2004 ZsZ shot video on "Nunta Extremala" song with participation of shooting crew of MTV Romania.

In June 2004 ZsZ entered World Music Chart Europe on the 12 position with the album "450 Sheep" (www.wmce.de). The songs from this album appeared in more than 20 European radio stations.

On 9 July 2004 album "450 Sheep" was released in Ukraine by Moon records, and on 27 July "CD Land records" released it in Russia.

In summer 2004 Zdob si Zdub took part in following European festivals: • Open Air Central Park, Lvov, Ukraine, 27 June 2004 • Tanz&Folk Festival, Rudolstadt, Germany. July 4, 2004 http://www.rudolstadt.de/tff/index.htm • "Kraina Mrir" Ethno Festival, Kiev, Ukraine, 10 July 2004 www.krainamriy.com • Rock la Mures Festival, Periam, Romania, 11 July 2004 www.rocklamures.ro • Peninsula festival, Tirgul Mures, Romania, 29 July 2004 www.peninsula.ro • Muveszetek Volgye Festival, Pula, Hungary, 31 July 2004 www.kapolcs.szinhaz.hu • 6 August 2004 ZsZ for the third time performed at the main stage of the biggest festival in Europe Sziget in Budapest (Hungary) www.sziget.hu • OKEY Leto Festival, Slovakia, 7 August 2004 www.okey.sk • Hodokvas Festival, Slovakia, 20 August 2004 www.hodokvas.sk • Vizovicke Trnkobrani, Visovice, Czech Republic, 21 August 2004

10-15 August 2004. In the frames of cultural-historic project "Following in the tracks of Geto-Dacians " a ZsZ tour supporting "450 Sheep" album took place in 5 towns of Moldova.

11, 19 September 2004 ZsZ took part in "Snickers Urbania" in Kiev and Kharkov, Ukraine. More than 50 000 spectators were present.

Sunday 10th of October Ukrainian TV-channel M1 showd a premier of ZsZ video clip “Nunta Extremala” (The Extreme Wedding) in its “Ministry of Premiers” program. This song appeared in 1999 in our second album “Tabara Noastra”. It became one of the best songs of the band and is always performed in the ZsZ concerts. After 5 years ZsZ have re-recorded it with a new sound and arrangement.

October 2004, the band was working in its studio on the recording of new album dedicated to its 10th anniversary. The best 10 songs from the 10 years of creative work will enter the album and there will be 5 absolutely new tracks. 26 October 2004 the video clip "Nunta Extremala" reached the 1st place in Ukrainian "Enter" TV channel hit parade.

On the 4th of November 2004 in Saint-Petersburg (“Staryi Dom” Club) and 26th of November in Moscow “B2” Club “Zdob si Zdub” will give performances promoting the album “450 Sheep”. “Zdob si Zdub” have already toured Central and Eastern Europe with this album and won first places in TV and radio station’s musical tops. The album appeared in Russia at the end of summer and contained 12 tracks, 3 of which are in Russian. The heading hit “Everybody in the casa mare” was recorded together with Garik Sukachyov and we are expecting to meet him during our show in “B2” Club.

In November 2004 the repairing process of Eurovision contest began. And all the creative power was focused on it. That is why the work on the new album compilation was stopped for a while.

17th of December StarCHAT.ru project and internet-centers network “Cafemax” invited “Zdob si Zdub” to “Cafemax” on Novoslobodskaya! The “Zdob si Zdub” members have found a lot of reasons to meet together and and answer their fans' questions. The reasons were the following: - Russian release of the album with a conceptual title “450 Sheep”; - the 10th anniversary of the band to be celebrated in 2004; - and of course the concert in Hard Rock Cafe Moscow on the 16th of December.

26th of November 2004 - The press-conference in Moscow, dedicated to “450 Sheep” album release, took place in the B-2 Club. The visitors were served with brynza – sheep’s milk cheese as well as Moldovan wine… The Romanian folk music ensemble “Iagalo” was tuning up on the stage... ZsZ invited these fervent Romanian Gypsy musicians for to reveal the concept and the spirit of “450 Sheep” album, and to make a vivid presentation.New Year's Eve the Zdubs appeared in festive shows on TV different channels. The first shooting took part in Bratislava for Slovak channel Markiza TV, where “Everybody in the casa mare” song assumed one more original version. Instead of Gypsy MC Vasile the refrain was performed by Slovak folk ensemble “Bezanka” together with the show presenters Piter Marcin and Andy Graus. In Moscow the Zdubs took part in a telecast “The first night with Oleg Menshikov” on NTV Channel. ZsZ had specially prepared a cover version of “Costume” song from a classical Soviet movie “Magicians”. Emmanuil Vitorgan – a famous Russian actor performed the vocals together with Roman.

18 December 2004 - The shooting of the New Year’s Eve show in Bucharest. Romanian version of this song Roman had recorded together with a famous talk-show presenter from ProTV, her name is Teo.

14th of December in Moscow “Smuglyanka” – a song from a popular movie about the Second World War has been chosen for alternative music show on RenTV. Producers were planning to invite Sofia Rotaru to take part in recording of this song, but she could not do that because of a tight concert tour schedule. Then ZsZ decided to invite “Slivki” (Cream) pop girls-band. The shooting was scheduled for As it was the previous time, the band met the New Year 2005 in Romanian city of Iasi.

18.01.2005 - ZSZ in charts - According to the German weekly MUSIKMARKT “ZDOB Shi ZDUB” and 450 sheep was charted on place no. 38 in the annual charts for 2004, along with such ethnic music stars as Lhasa, Youssou N’Dour, Khaled, Sainkho Namchylak.

12.02.2005 Official statement: "Rijik and Vikosh will not play with ZsZ anymore, and all guitar parts will be performed by Igor Buzurnyuk (former ex-Millenium). Despite Igor's short performing experience, his musical heritage is very impressive. He comes from a family of musicians - his father has been playing for many yearsin people's academic orchestra "Lautari" under a musical direction of maestro Botgros. Igor is a senior student (4th year) of a conservatory in Chisinau, where he masters his violin playing skills. His guitar style is very charismatic and Igor also has absolute musical hearing. Rijik and Vikosh are irreductible part of ZsZ history. They are good musicians and very experienced artists and performers. We are completely positive, that they are and will be able to express their abilities in other future projects. Because the show must go on!"

On the 28th of April in Bucharest there took part the Ceremony of MTV Romanian Music Awards. This year ZsZ were nominated for 3 categories: Best Rock with “DJ Vasile” Best Ethno with “Cucusor” Best Live Act “Cluj MTV Live”

16.05.2005 CD–Single “Boonika Bate Doba”. The Single contains 4 versions of the song, recorded in the period of preparing for Eurovision. Among them, every listener will find a version to his taste. The first version – the original, was played in the national pre-selection tour for Eurovision. Cool version – softened, is one of the working versions. But, finally, Zdob si Zdub will present in Kiev the 3-minute Eurovision version, which corresponds to the contest’s rules. The Single version – a longer one, is specially recorded for the video, which will be filmed in Bucharest, immediately after the contest.

On February 26, 2005, the band won a national pre-selection contest to claim the right to represent Moldova in its first ever appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest, with their song "Bunika Bate Toba" ("Grandmamma is beating da drum-a"). On May 19 they performed fourth in the running order of the semi-final and came up sixth in the grand final on May 21.

23.05.2005 Zdob si Zdub managed to qualify the poorest and unknown country from Europe – Moldova, on a dignified place – 6th! This way, Moldova will directly participate in the finals of Eurovision 2006 in Greece.

14.06.2005 Zdubs on the shooting stage of the film “Night Watch II” During the period of the swing preparation for Eurovision, “Zdob si Zdub” was invited to participate in the sequel shootings of the Russian Blockbuster “Night Watch” (“Nochinoi Dozor”).

14.06.2005 Now Boonika is all over Europe! If you don’t have a Grandma that beats the drum, urgently look for “Zdob si Zdub”’s CD! The latest statistics show that even the Grandmas from Europe started to beat the drums! The CD-Single “Boonika Bate Doba” is released in Europe from June, 13! Warner Music Austria makes ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES RELEASE! “Zdob si Zdub” and the Grandmas of Moldova send their greetings to all the cool girls and guys from all over the world!

15.06.2005 Real life is in the village… After the impressive performance at Eurovision presented by “Zdob si Zdub” along with “the goddess of blastbeat”, that is Boonika, the guys were invited to make a visit to Valeni, the native village of aunt Lidia Bejenaru.

14.07.2006 Zdubs opened the Roskilde Festival!

4.08.2006 Festivals’ Season! The Zdubs’ gigantic productivity and the cosmic energy enable them to have an extra-full of shows and concerts program. It is not a wonder that this summer Zdubs were present at almost all the important festivals, beginning with Roskilde Festival (Denmark) and Peninsula (Romania) and recently ending with Krylia (Russia) and Staryi Melnik (Moldova).

25.09.2005 Zdubs were invited to participate in Michael Palin’s project – documentary “New Europe” for BBC. Film will be shown in 2007.

16.10.2006 Pictures from the East - Zdob si Zdub in Germany On 20.10.2006, at 22:00, in Malersaal, Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany, Zdob si Zdub participated in the final public presentation “pictures from the East – relations docking tour 01”. The “relations” docking tour focuses on seven cities where “relations” has engaged in intensive exchange with cultural actors over the past four years: Chiєinгu, Sofia, Pristina, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.

30.11.2006 The presentation concert of the new album Ethnomecanica took place in Romania, Bucharest.

28.12.2006 We made it in Chisinau! Our concert presentation Ethnomecanica in Chisinau was a spectacular show for all our fans. Roman tells: “We liked the show; it was something extraordinary, the audience was very responsive and it supported us a lot! At a given moment we didn’t feel the difference between us and those from outside the stage – we were ONE.

25th of February 2007, in Trimedial CD Market (Chi?in?u), the band “Zdob ?i Zdub” met with their fans. “It is very important for the musicians to have the possibility to meet and communicate with the people that listen to their music, with those who respect them. Especially when it happens at home”, Roman says.

18 th of march, 2007 our Austrian friends – musician Hubert von Goisern, producer Wolfgang Spannberger and director-operator Markus Wogrolly, visited Moldova. The aims of their visit were to get acquainted with “Zdob ?i Zdub”, to have some rehearsals with them, to go to the Moldovan part of the Danube. Wolfgang: “The brightest impressions – everything that happened in Zdub's dark rehearsal room. If we had more time for traveling around Moldova, we could have told you more. Anyway, everything was just great!”

April, 24, 2007 the web-site of the band “Zdob si Zdub” won the “Web Top.MD 2007” contest in two categories

May 15 th, 2007 – the brave Zdubs were the guests of Rambler’s “Blue Sofa”.

The 18th of May, 2007 Zdubs participated in the “Full Contact” show on MTV Russia. On stage they competed with the band “Neschasnyi sluchai”.

22nd of June, 2007 Linz Tour announced its beginning. This happened in Vienna (Austria), in the frame of the renowned DunauInselFest, on the stage of the not less renowned Austrian media company - company ?1. Besides Hubert von Goisern, Willi Resetarits, Hohtraxlecker Sprungschanzen Musi (Bad Ischl) and Zdob si Zdub performed on the ?1 stage.

23 June 2007 - concert in Ismail, Ukraine. The stage in this city was put up in “Morvokzal” where, in the evening, Zdob si Zdub, Hubert von Goisern (Austria) and Gaydamaki (Ukraine) started the action.

1 July 2008 - B’estival, Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania. Indeed – a variety of music styles, diverse public, good organization (with some exceptions).

28 July 2007 - the Zdubes participated in the “Staryi Melnik” Festival, Chi?in?u, Moldova.

29 July 2007 - followed the “Peninsula” Festival in Targu-Mures, Romania. Excellent equipment, friendly staff, good organization! Besides these, before us a very lively band played and warmed up the public – “The Exploited”.

4 and 5 August 2007 - Bacau (Romania) – „Romanian Top Hits 2007”, where we were nominated in the category „Rock – Best Hit – 2007”, together with Directia 5, Animal X, Holograf and Voltaj.

17 August 2007 - The next concerts took place on the Romanian seaside – in Costine?ti and Vama Veche („Stufstock Greenfest”). Keep on rockin’!

On 30 September 2007 the band appeared on Michael Palin's New Europe shown on BBC 1 in the UK.

On 31 October 2007 Zdob si Zdub band was nominated by the Russian TV Channel A-ONE in four categories of the RAMP 2007 Awards - Rock Alternative Music Prize: "The Band of the Year", "The Video of the Year", "The Hit of the Year" and "The Album of the Year".

From October 3rd till 6th 2007 Hubert von Goisern visited Chisin?a to continue the recording of the new songs in collaboration with Zdob si Zdub. On song made in studio with Hubert was included in the European release of Ethnomecanica album.

For the fans, before the winter holidays, together with the Osoianu Sisters, they recorded a Christmas carol “Sus, boieri, nu mai dormiti”. It could be found on a special edition CD, which contained the best songs of Zdob si Zdub and was offered as a gift in the promotional winter packages Alocard 70 and Fantasy from Moldcell.

At the end of 2007, the Zdubish album “Ethnomecanica” was released at “Sojuz” Record Label, in Russia.

Also in 2007, a mashup music video billed as "Black Eyed Peace [sic] ft Zdob și Zdub—Don't Mess with Inima Mea" began appearing on the Internet, mixing the song "Don't Phunk with My Heart" by The Black Eyed Peas with elements from the song "DJ Vasile" by Zdob și Zdub.

On the 6 th of March 2008 the band took part in the show “Just tonight” on Channel TV Centre, Russia.

On the 9th of March 2008 the Zdubes have participated in the show “5 songs on Channel 5” in Saint Petersburg with a live show, pure sounds, no tricks – only an exeptional drive , a blast of energy and the best mood ever!

On the 28th of March 2008, the European release of the “Ethnomecanica” album took place in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, under the “Lawine Records”, being distributed by “Sony BMG”.

The 5 th of April 2008 marked the starting point of the “Ethnomecanica” album’s European relsease in cities from Hungary, Austria, Germany and Denmark such as in Budapest, Vienna, Innsbruck, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, K?ln, Dortmund, and Copenhagen. The last concert in the framework of "Europe Tour 2008” was held in Chisinau (Moldova), on the 29th of April 2008, in the club “Bier Platz”.

16 th of April 2008, the web-site of the band “Zdob si Zdub” won the “Web Top.MD 2007” contest in two categories

At midnight, towards the 7th of June, the “Zdob si Zdub” tour minibus was hit by a “Volkswagen Sharan” minivan casusing the tour bus to roll over several times. As a result of this accident, 4 concerts were cancelled. According to the preliminary estimation, the total financial damage is around 50.000 Euro.

17th of June 2008 – the Moldavian Rockers held a “warm up” show for the Romanian football fans, before the match Romania – the Netherlands of UEFA Euro 2008. The concert took place on the Waisenhausplatz with the host city being Bern, Switzerland.

From the 7th till 11th of July, 2008 the adventure on Danube River of the Zdubes and Hubert von Goisern restarted in Ulm city, then in Karlsruhe, Rheinhafen.


Vocalist Roman Iagupov rehearsing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev

On February 26, 2005, the band won a national pre-selection contest to claim the right to represent Moldova in its first ever appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, with their song "Boonika Bate Toba" ("Grandmamma is beating da drum-a"). On May 19 they performed fourth in the running order of the semi-final and ended up in 2nd place with 207 points. Qualifying for the grand final on May 21, they drew starting position 7. After voting, they claimed 6th place with 148 points.

In February 2011, the band once again won the right to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 held in Dusseldorf. The song they performed was "So lucky". The band performed in the second semi final on May 12, in position 7. After voting they achieved 10th place with 54 points, qualifying them for the grand final on May 14. They performed in the 15th position in the grand final and ended up in 12th place with 97 points at the end of voting.


The following listing is by no means a comprehensive list of who has ever played in Zdob și Zdub. Early line-ups were very fluid, and many Moldovan musicians have been known to "sit in" for recording sessions or for individual concerts.

  • Roman Yagupov (born 13 September 1973, Volgograd, Russia) – vocals, flute, ocarina, yorgaphone, bagpipe/cimpoi, jew's harp/dramba, turuiac, telinka, tambourine, doba, percussion, buhai, acoustic guitar and other ethnic instruments. Lyricist. Original member.
  • Mihai Gîncu (born 5 March 1975, Străşeni, Moldova) – bass guitar, contrabass, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, organ, mellotron, accordion, xylophone, sitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, kobza, percussion, drums 1997-1998, apr. 2003 - feb. 2004. Composer, arranger, producer. Original member. Ex - Axident (bass, 1995-1996).
  • Sveatoslav 'Rîjîk' Staruş (born 8 November 1974, Chişinău, Moldova) – electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, in the band oct. 1996 - dec. 2004, returned in may 2010. Ex - Axident, (bass, 1996); Dan Balan, ExNN, Glory (guitar, 2005-2010).
  • Andrei 'Cibo' Cebotari (born Orhei, Moldova) – drums, 2000 – apr. 2003, returned in may 2010. Ex- Bosquito, Madame Hooligan , Los Angeles, USA (drums, 2003 - 2010)
  • Victor 'Bîtka' Dandeş (born 3 April 1972, Chişinău, Moldova) – trombone, accordion, caval, flute, telinka. Ex - Noroc. In the band since jan. 2001.
  • Valeriu Mazîlu (born 12 September 1978, Chişinău, Moldova) – trumpet, bagpipe, flute, backing vocals. Ex - Gandul Matei. In the band since jan. 2001.

Former members:

  • Anatol 'Tolea' Pugaci (born 6 October 1973, Chişinău, Moldova) – drums, percussion. Original member, 1994 - 1998 and mar. 2004 - may 2010. Now, he pays drums in Alternosfera.
  • Igor Buzurniuc (born 23 June 1981, Soroca, Moldova) - guitar, jan. 2005 - jun. 2005, feb. 2008 – may 2010. Now, he pays guitars in Millenium and Dan Balan Project.
  • Sergiu 'Sarik' Vătavu (born 28 September 1967, Chişinău, Moldova) - guitar, may 2006 – feb. 2008. Ex - Dirijabli, Noroc, Cuibul. Now, he lives in Moscow and plays in Olga Arefieva Band.
  • Dumitru Cuharenco – vocals, 1994–1995.
  • Vitali Kaceaniuc – drums, 1998–2000. Ex - Zombie Attack, Axident (1996-1998). Now, he plays drums in Zombie Attack.
  • Sergiu Cobzac – guitar, 1994–1996.
  • Sergiu Puşnina – guitar, 1996.
  • Victor 'Vikoş' Coşparmac – guitar, april. 2002 – dec. 2004. Now, he plays bass in Alternosfera.
  • Vadim Bogdan – guitar, nov. 2005 – april. 2006.
  • Petru 'Pezza' Butnaru – drums, jan. 2004 - mar. 2004.
  • Alexandru 'Sasha' Gîncu – vocals, guitar, 1990–1994.
  • Valeriu Pugaci – clarinet, 1990–1994.
  • Vadim Eremeev – bass, jan. 2003 – feb. 2004.
  • Eugen 'Jenea' Didic – trumpet, jan. 1999 - sept. 2000. Now he lives in Kiev and plays in 'Gaidamaki'.
  • Ion Stavilă – trumpet, sept. 2000 - dec. 2000.
  • Igor Dînga (born 25 June 1968, Slobozia, Tiraspol, Moldova) – manager.


  • 1997 – Hardcore Moldovenesc (Moldovan Hardcore)

A1 Ucide Frumos 3:18 A2 De Mila Lui Sa Plîngi 5:02 A3 Casa Fără Oameni 2:50 A4 Dragostea 5:16 A5 Tu Poți 1:47 A6 Hardcore Moldovenesc 3:52 A7 Prea Vesel Trâim 3:55 A8 Pacienți Și Sanitari 2:54 B1 Marele Cîrmaci 3:48 B2 Птица 4:26 B3 В Доме Моем 3:48 B4 Hardcore Moldovenesc (Acoustic) 3:31 B5 Cîntec De Drum 2:54 B6 Rădăcina (Live В Самаре Апрель 2000) 2:03 B7 Hardcore Moldovenesc (Live УП В Кишиневе 16.12.97) 4:39 B8 Hardcore Moldovenesc (Brutal Mix DJ Mult)

   Recorded At – ADM Studio, Chișinău, november 1996
   Mixed At – ADM Studio, Chișinău, november 1996
   Producer - Igor Dinga
   Sound engineer - Alexandru Paduraru
   Assistant engineer - Vladimir Costin.
   Bass – Mihai Gancu
   Design – Nikolaie Pundev
   Guitar – Sviatoslav Starus, Viaceslav Brigidin.
   Music By – Zdob Si Zdub
   Percussion – Anatol Pugaci
   Translated, Addapted By – Igor Guzun
   Vocals, Lyrics By – Roman Yagupov
   Design - Nikolaie Pundev
   Photo: Victor & Valentin.
   Management: Societatea Muzicala 'Cuibul' Chisinau. 
  • 1999 – Tabăra Noastră (Our camp)
  • 1999 – Zdubii bateţi tare (Zdub Guys Beat It Hard)

A1 Intro - Joc 2:31 A2 Nunta Extremală 3:50 A3 Vai Ș-amar De Capu' Meu 2:12 A4 Dansuri A5 Hăitura A6 Ciobăneasca A7 Tabăra Noastră 2:14 B1 Maria Blues 6:21 B2 Dragă Otee B3 Muzica 3:26 B4 Zdubii Bateți Tare 4:26 B5 Hardcore Moldovenesc II 4:51

   Music by, Lyrics by Zdob si Zdub, except: Traditional (A5, A6), Vopli Vidopliasova (music A4), 
   Iurie Sadovnic (music B2), Grigore Vieru (lyrics B2)
   Bass, drums, percussion – Mihai Gâncu
   Cimbalom – Valeriu Cașcaval
   Engineer – Andrei Lifenko
   Guitar – Sveatoslav Satrus
   Drums, Percussion – Vitalii Kocianiuc
   Producer – Igor Dînga
   Consultant – Oleg Vasenyoff
   Sound Engineer Assistant – Vladimir Kostin
   Trumpet – Eugen Didic
   Violin – Anatol Ștefăneț
   Voice, Fluier, Flute, Yorgaphone, Buhay, Jew's Harp – Roman Iagupov
   Graphics & design - Stefan Buzea
   Tehnoreferent: Andrei Copot
   Recorded and mixed at ADM Studio, Chișinău, Moldova, September 1998 and May to August 1999.
   Management: Societatea Muzicala 'Cuibul' Chisinau.
  • 2000 – Remixes
  • 2001 – Agroromantica

1 Buna Dimineata 4:38 2 Sirba De La Chisinau 3:08 3 Mamaligamania 3:11 4 Doina Haiducului 4:29 5 Hora Cosmica 4:51 6 Tigan Si OZN 3:05 7 Primavara 3:30 8 Tractorul 3:00 9 Zagaiom Ma Co Roma 10 Videli Noci

   Bass – Mihai Gincu
   Graphics, Design – Nicolai Pundev
   Photo: Nicolai Orlov
   Backing Vocals – Lilia Erdenko, Rada Erdenko, Alexei Bezlepchin - Gypsy Trio Erdenko
   Cymbalom – Andrei Pavlinciuc
   Trumpet – Eugen Didic, Ion Stavila
   Guitar – Sveatoslav Starus
   Lyrics By – Andrei Cebotari (1, 3, 5, 8), Andrei Copot (4, 6), Mihai Gincu (4), 
   Roman Iagupov (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8),  Traditional (9), Victor Tsoi (10).
   Management & booking – Societatea muzicala "Cuibul" Chisinau
   Mastered By – Oleg Timofeev
   Music By – Mihai Gincu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), Chiria Buzileiov (9), Victor Tsoi (10)
   Paintings – Alexandrina Hristova
   Drums, Percussion – Andrei Cebotari
   Photography By – Nicolai Orlov
   Producer – Mihai Gincu, Zdob si Zdub
   Recorded By, Mixed By – Denis Radionov
   Trombone, Fluier, Kaval, Accordion – Victor Dandes
   Trumpet – Valeriu Mazilu
   Vocals – Roman Iagupov
   Recording and mixing: FM Division Moscow, august 2000 - may 2001.
   Mastering: Roff tehnolojies studios Moscow
   Tour manager: Denis Zubov
   Manager: Igor Dinga
   Director: Andrei Copot
  • 2002 – Рок Энциклопедия (Rock Encyclopedia)
  • 2003 – 450 De Oi (450 Sheep)

1 Intro 450 2 Ciobanul Vrea Să Se Despartă De Oi 3 Cucușor 6:30 4 DJ Vasîle 5 Cuculețul 6 Nunta Extremală 4:32 7 Ciobanaș 4:49 8 450 De Oi 9 Ruța - Ruța 4:25 10 Goviadina / Sârba Lui Cacurica 2:52 11 Everybody In The Casa Mare 12 Everybody In The Casa Mare 13 Everybody In The Casa Mare (Live In Piatra-Neamț, România) 6:55 Video Everybody In The Casa Mare 5:28

   Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Kobza – Mihai Gîncu
   Design – Yuri Savranski
   Directed By, Executive Producer – Igor Dînga
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   Lyrics By – Roman Iagupov (1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13), Andrei Copot (4), 
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   Lyrics By – Traditional (2, 3, 5, 7, 10)
   Lyrics referent: Corina Caireac, Emilian Galaicu-Paun
   Mastered By – Youri Bogdanov at Magic Mastering Studio, Moscow
   Music By – Mihai Gîncu (2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13)
   Music By – Traditional (1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10)
   Arrangements - Mihai Gincu, Angela Prisacaru (1)
   Videoclip Maker – Egor Brânza
   Producer – Mihai Gîncu
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   Trumpet – Valeriu Mazîlu
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   Violine - Anatol Stefanet
   Vocals - Vasile 'MC Vasile' Dinu, Osoianu Sisters 'Talancuta' Ensemble, Garik Sukaciov, 
   Taraf 'Iagalo', Children choir 'Lacrimosa' 'M. Berezovschi' Lyceum Chisinau, conductor Angela Prisacaru.
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  • 2006 – Ethnomecanica

1 Bătuta 1:41 2 Boonika Bate Doba 3:57 3 Cântec De Drum 4:18 4 Ciocărlia 2:45 5 Doina Haiducului 5:23 6 Hardcore Moldovenesc 4:08 7 Hăitura 5:30 8 Intro Joc 2:48 9 Miorița 10 Nenea Gorbaciov - Hora Cosmică 4:55 11 Paint It Black (Rolling Stones) 12 Sârba Lui Mihai 3:15 13 Sus La Paru' Dintre Vii 4:48 14 Tractorul 3:10 15 Țiganul Și OZN 2:35 16 Videli Noci 17 Zdubii Bateți Tare 4:47 18 Zdubii Bateți Tare (Remix By Shantel // Bucovina Club (Germania)) 19 Laur-Bălaur

   Adapted By – Mihai Gîncu (1, 4, 11, 13, 16, 19), Roman Iagupov (1), 
   Valeriu Mazîlu (1), Victor Dandeș (1)
   Arranged By, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Guitar [Kobza] – Mihai Gîncu
   Drums, Percussion – Anatol Pugaci
   Guitar – Igor Buzurniuc, Sergiu Vatavu, Sveatoslav Staruș, Victor Coșparmac
   Lyrics By – Andrei Cebotari (10), Andrei Copoț (3, 5, 15), Bogdan Dascăl (9), 
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   Victor Tsoi (16), Jimmy Page/Robert Plant (19)
   Producer – Igor Dînga, Zdob și Zdub
   Trombone, Kaval, Flute [Telinka], Fluier, Accordion – Victor Dandeș
   Trumpet – Valeriu Mazîlu
   Violin – Anatol Ștefăneț
   Vocals, Ocarina, Yorgaphone – Roman Iagupov
   Vocals - Osoianu Sisters
   Graphics & paintings - Sergiu Bucur
   Design - Iuri Savranski
   Photos - Roman Ribaliov
   Recordings and mixing: jan. 2002 - mar. 2006 at 'Cuibul' Studio Chisinau, 
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   Sound engineer: Sergiu Teaca, Andrei Lifenco, Marcus Darius.
   Management & Booking: Societatea Muzicala 'Cuibul' Chisinau.
   Track 19 is hidden track.
  • 2010 – BELOE VINO, KRASNOE VINO (White Wine/Red Wine)
   1. Stop mafia! feat. Serghey Mihalok
   sung together with the front man of the band Lyapis Trubetskoy
   2. Goooooal!
   3. Nevesta (Bride)
   cover version of the Mumiy Troll song
   4. Hardcore Moldovenesc
   the song is translated and sung in Russian
   5. Beloe vino / Krasnoe vino (White Wine / Red Wine)
   6. Neveroyatno grustnaya istorya, ili telega (An unusually sad story or a cart)
   from the tribute album "Mashinopis”, cover version of the Mashina Vremeni song
   7. Kostjumchik (The Costume) fest. E.Vitorgan
   "New Years’ Eve with Oleg Menshikov” Project, on NTV
   8. Na rechke, na rechke (At the river, at the river)
   Russian folklore, the "Sol’” Project on "Nashe Radio”
   9. DJ Vasile
   Russian version
   10. Hutoryanin (The farmer)
   the "Studija Kvartal – 95” Project, Kiev, on TV Inter
   11. Dunajskaja (Danubian)
   new, Linz Europe Tour Project
   12. Cosmic Song feat. Yasnyj Den’
   Russian version, recorded in Hamburg, for the album released in Europe
   13. Pelmennaja
   cover of the Anatolii Krupnov song
   14. Moja Tsyganskaya (My gypsy)
   cover of the Vladimir Vysotsky song
   15. Bonus – DJ Vasile
   Ukrainian version
   16. Bonus – Beloe vino / Krasnoe vino (White Wine / Red Wine), remix by DJ Brian
   remix by the Australian DJ - DJ Brian

  • 2012 - Basta Mafia

1 Trece Vremea Omului 2 Langa Codrii De Arama 3 Moldovenii S-Au Nascut 4 Dunarea 5 Om Cu Inima De Lemn 6 Nistru 7 Haiduk 8 So Lucky 9 F-s-s-o 10 Basta Mafia 11 Gipsy Life 12 Running 13 We Are Free 14 Fluier Drum & Bass Dubstep Intro 15 Mama In Afara Legii

   Music by Mihai Gincu.
   Lyrics by Roman Yagupov.
   Trombone, Caval, Flute – Victor Dandeş
   Bass Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Acoustic guitar, Keyboards, 
   Organ, Sitar, Mandolin, Backing vocals – Mihai Gîncu
   Trumpet, Bagpipe – Valeriu Mazîlu
   Drums, Percussion – Andrei Cebotari
   Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Sveatoslav Starus
   Lead Vocals – Roman Yagupov
   Backing vocals - Aliona Triboi, Olga Pascal, Katrin Ringling, Marc Elsner
   Trumpet - Radu Mihaiescu, Ruslan Cebotari
   Programming - Marc Elsner
   Synth - Marc Elsner
   12 String acoustic guitar - Marc Elsner
   Tenor horn - Alexandru Iancu, Mihail Postolachi
   Tuba - Dumitru Tapalaga
   Baritone horn - Veaceslav Veste
   Clarinet - Octavian Saran
   Music Producer - Marc Elsner
   Executive producer - Igor Dinga
   Recorded at: Headroomstudio Berlin, Cuibul Studio Chisinau, Mustmusic Production Chisinau,
   Studioul muzical-coral 'Lia Ciocarlia' Chisinau, 2010-2011
   Sound engineer Berlin: Robert Stephenson
   Sound Engineer Chisinau: Rebecca von Kaisenberg, Valentin Voluta
   Mixing: Marc Elsner at Headroomstudio Berlin in 2011
   Mastering: Sascha Buren at TrueBusyness Mastering Berlin in 2011
   Photo: Christoph Voy
   Graphics: Claudia Bachmann
   Management & Booking Romania: Arena Events
   Management: Cuibul Music Company, Chisinau

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