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Zeek Afridi (born April 14, 1976 in Peshawar) is a Pashtun singer from Pakistan.

Afridi comes from the tribal area of Tirah. His family belongs to the Afridi tribe of the Pashtun community. He was raised and educated in Peshawar, Pakistan. He attended F.G. Boys Public School in Peshawar, as well as Government College Peshawar. After graduating, he obtained a Master's degree from Peshawar University. During his college life, he often won first prize in singing competitions, which encouraged him to pursue singing on a larger scale.

After completion of his Master's degree in 2001, he released his first album. His album, Bibi Shirini, a selection of folk songs in Pashto and Urdu, is popular in Pakistan and among the Afghan community worldwide. Since then, he has also released Urdu versions of the album. During Afridi's preparation for his next album, he was contacted by concert promoters in several different countries where there are Pashtun communities.

He performed in various national and international concerts. He performed in Dubai, Derby mela and Nothingham mela UK. He has been interviewed by many radio and television channels. He has interviewed by PTV, ATN, DM television, BBC radio Pashto.

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