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Željko Srdić, penname "Z" (Slovenia, 1977) is a Serbian hyperrealist artist, comic book artist, children's book illustrator and T-shirt designer. He was a student of Dragan Malešević Tapi.[1]


Most of his subjects are celebrity portraits, every day life subjects, cityscapes and marine life. He uses magnifying glass and sometimes even a needle when creating his paintings. He uses brushes only and creates painting in a traditional way without air brush. Most of his portraits are done in large format in blue color/ tones. It takes several months for Zeljko to finish a painting. His paintings hang in World Financial Center in New York and in Save The Titanic Foundation in Los Angeles.[2][3]

His first job as an illustrator when he was a teenager was for http://www.themanualco.com/ The Manual Co. company from Novi Sad which manufactures products made of vegetable tanned leather. "Z" illustrated bags, boots and other products for this company in a very realistic style.

Srdić, as "Z," is also notable comic book artist. Among Zeljko's contributions to the first edition of Tocsin Magazine were caricatures of Usher, Grace Miguel and Tameka Foster.[4] "Z" worked on several illustration projects for Worldwide Distributors.[5]

His works have been published by NBM Publishing, New York, and Frishco, Austin, Texas, Broken Bread Christian Alliance Austin/Texas, and other European publishers.

Srdić also worked in art department for an independent B movie A Viking Saga - Son Of Thor. He is currently working on a large oil painting portraits of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and Elizabeth Taylor.[citation needed]


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