Zel’vyanka River

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Origin Belarus
Mouth Neman
Basin countries Belarus
Length 170 km.
Basin area 1940 sq.km.

Zel’vyanka (Belarusian: Зэльвянка, Russian: Зельвянка) is a river in Belarus, a left tributary of Neman River.[1]

The river starts from a place between villages Lidzyany (Лідзяны, Лидяны) and Kulyavichy (Кулявічы, Кулёвичи) in Svislach district and further flows through Hrodna Voblast and Brest Voblast (Vawkavysk district, Pruzhany district, Zel’va district, Masty district).[1]

Tributaries: Шчыба, Ружанка, Іванаўка, Сасва, Самараўка, Юхнаўка.[1]

Settlements: Masty (by the mouth), Zel’va, Papernya.[1]


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