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The location of Zimyra/Zemar (in the north)

Zemar (Egyptian: Smr; Akkadian: Sumuru; Assyrian: Simirra) was a Phoenician city in what is now Syria. Zemar was a major trade center. Zemar (as "Sumura" or "Sumur") appears in the Amarna letters; Ahribta is named as its ruler. It was under the guardianship of Rib-Hadda, king of Byblos, but revolted against him and joined Abdi-Ashirta's expanding kingdom of Amurru. Pro-Egyptian factions may have seized the city again but Abdi-Ashirta's son Aziru recaptured Zemar.

It was been linked by Maurice Dunand and N. Salisby to the archaeological site of Tell Kazel in 1957.[1]