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For the village in Italy, see Zeme, Lombardy.

Zeme, also referred to as Zemes-mãte, was a Slavic and Latvian goddess of the earth, identical to Lithuanian Žemyna. Her name means "Mother of the Earth." She had a total of seventy sisters, some related specifically to the function of fertility.

Some of her sisters include: Briezu-mãte, Dziparu-mãte, Joda-mãte, Kapu-mãte, Laimas-mãte, Lauka-mãte, Lauku-mãte, Lazdu-mãte, Linu-mãte, Mera-mãte, Meza-mãte, Nãves-mãte, Ogu-mãte, Piegulas-mãte, Pirts-mãte, Saules-mãte, Sẽne-mãte, Smilsu-mãte, Vẽja-mãte, Velu-mãte, Jūr-mãte.

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