Zeny Zabala

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Zeny Zabala
Born July 21, 1937 (1937-07-21) (age 76)
Nationality Filipina
Occupation Actress

Zeny Zabala is a Filipina actress known as the villain of Sampaguita Pictures. Emerenciana Ortiz Santos in real life was born on July 21, 1937. She came from a big family of 9 siblings. She is the fourth child of Enrique Santos and Ursula Ortiz. Being a close knit family, Zeny as she was fondly called develope a bond with her siblings up to the present. Zeny was discovered when she was accompanying her sister Aurora Aragon who was then in the movie industry away back in 1954. She started her career in Sampaguita picture on September 1954. In Sampaguta her first movie was Binibining Kalog opposite Lolita Rodriguez and Ramon Revilla where she plays a society girl villain.

Zeny Zabala also did her fair share as a Lead star on NGI Productions among them were Ruby, Mother Dear, Our Lady of Penafrancia, Kalingga and Luzviminda among which are drama films. She also did movies in the 1960s for Ambassador Films Pitong matahari. Pitong Desperada, Commando Uno and this are action films. We definitely won't forget her role on the Chito Rono Film IKAW opposite Vilma Santos, Ronnie Rickette and Cesar Montano where she plays the mother of cesar. Never will we forget the line... 'itimpla mo ako ng kape black no sugar."


  • 1954 -Lourdes [Balatbat-Flores]
  • 1954 -Milyonarya at Hampaslupa [Sampaguita]
  • 1954 -Tin-Edyer [Lvn]
  • 1955 -Pandora [Premiere]
  • 1955 -Binibining Kalog [Sampaguita]
  • 1956 -Prince Charming [Sampaguita]
  • 1956 -Teresa [Sampaguita]
  • 1956 -Gilda [Sampaguita]
  • 1956 -Gigolo [Sampaguita]
  • 1957 -Sino ang Maysala [Vera Perez]
  • 1957 -Pasang Krus [Sampaguita]
  • 1957 -Pretty Boy [Vera-Perez]
  • 1957 -Prinsesang Gusgusin [Sampaguita]
  • 1958 -Mga Reyna ng Vicks [Sampaguita]
  • 1958 -Palaboy [Vera-Perez]
  • 1958 -Berdaderong Ginto [Vera-Perez]
  • 1958 -Talipandas [Sampaguita]

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