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Zero Records is a recording studio and record label founded[when?] in Vancouver. The fallout from Jury Records resulted in the formation of Zero Records.


In the late 50’s, Don Grashey met Charlie Chuck Williams (Chuck) in Thunder Bay. The pair later moved to Vancouver.

Ray Chamberlin was instrumental in persuading Norm Burley, a well-to-do, retired lumber industry executive from Sechelt to join the venture. With the financial help of Norm Burley and Art Phillips, who would later become Mayor of Vancouver, Zero Records was formed.[1]

Grashey would run the business as President, the A&R Department and the publishing company Trilite Music. Grashey would run the business as he saw fit, sign the acts he wanted to sign and record and promote them without interference from any of the other shareholders. He had check-signing privileges for the company bank account to prevent any recurrence of the fiasco of Jury Records.

Under the direction of Don Grashey, Zero Records produced and recorded singers like Loretta Lynn, Lucille Starr, Myrna Lorrie, Buddy De Val, Bob Regan and recording star Carroll Baker. Regarding Loretta Lynn, it was on live TV over KTNT in Tacoma Washington that Vancouver business man Norm Burley then and there decided to record and released a local talent featured, the house-wife-turned singer named Loretta Lynn her first single on Zero Records entitled, "I'm a Honky Tonk Girl," in 1960.[2]


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