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Zetta.net is a US company specializing in cloud-based server backup and disaster recovery for small and mid-sized businesses,[1] enterprises, and MSPs.[2]

Zetta, Inc.
Founded January, 2009
Founder Jeff Whitehead, Lou Montulli, Jason Harrison
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, United States
Number of employees
Website Zetta.net


Zetta.net sells a 3-in-1 cloud backup, on-premise backup, disaster recovery, and archiving product most notable for its high speed data transfer.[3] It uses lightweight software to replicate customer data, creating a second copy in Zetta's bi-coastal enterprise-grade data centers that is available for recovery after a data loss event, such as a server crash or natural disaster.[4] The software supports Windows, Linux, and Mac and has plug-ins for SQL, MS Exchange, Hyper-V, VMware, and NetApp filers.[5]


Zetta's data integrity and protection technology is based on a unique RAIN6 N+3 storage architecture, which adds an additional parity node: RAID 6 traditionally has 2 parity nodes, while Zetta's has 3. It is also referred to as "RAIN" because data is striped across independent nodes (storage servers), rather than across independent disks.[6]


Zetta was founded in 2009 in Sunnyvale, California by Jeff Whitehead,[7] Lou Montulli, and Jason Harrison.[7] The current CEO is Ali Jenab.[8] Investors in Zetta.net include Sigma Partners, Foundation Capital, and Industry Ventures.[9][10][11][12]


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