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ZEUSS (real name: Chris Harris) is an American record producer, engineer and mixer who specializes in hard rock, metal and hardcore albums. He is based in Hadley, Massachusetts and he owns and operates Planet-Z recording.[1] Zeuss started his music career playing in metal and hardcore bands, the best known being Doom Nation , before taking on music production full time.[2] He has worked with many bands including The Acacia Strain, Suicide Silence, Soulfly, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Whitechapel, Murderdolls and Chimaira.[3]

Selected Discography[edit]

[4] (Produced = P, Engineered = E, Mixed = M)

3 Inches of Blood, Fire Up the Blades, Roadrunner Records (M)
100 Demons, In the Eyes of the Lord, Goodlife (P,E,M)
100 Demons, 100 Demons, Deathwish (P,E,M)
The Acacia Strain, Continent, Prosthetic (P,E,M)
The Acacia Strain, Wormwood', Prosthetic (P,E,M)
All That Remains, Behind Silence and Solitude, Prosthetic/Metal Blade (P,E,M)
Agnostic Front, Another Voice, Nuclear Blast (P,E,M)
Agnostic Front, Warriors, Nuclear Blast (P,E,M)
Arsis, We Are the Nightmare, Nuclear Blast (P,E,M)
Arsis, Starve for the Devil, Nuclear Blast (P,E,M)
Arsis, Lepers Caress EP, Scion AV (M)
Baptized in Blood, Baptized in Blood, Roadrunner Records (P,E,M)
Blood Has Been Shed, Spirals, Ferret (P,E,M)
Bleeding Through, Bleeding Through, Rise / Roadrunner Records (P,E,M)
Born of Osiris, A Higher Place, Sumerian (P,E)
A Bullet for Pretty Boy, Symbiosis, Artery Recordings, (P,E,M)
Carnifex, The Diseased and the Poisoned, Victory (P,E,M)
The Casualties, "Resistance", Season Of Mist (P,E,M)
Chimaira, The Infection, Ferret (M)
Chimaira, "The Age Of Hell", E1 Music, (M)
Chelsea Grin, My Damnation, Artery (P,E,M)
Chronolyth, "Sovereign", (M)
Crowbar, Sever The Wicked Hand, E1 Music (M)
Danny Diablo, Hardcore for Life E.P, Hellcat (M)
Defiler, "Pangaea (Re-Release)", Stillborn (M)
Defiler, "Nematocera", Razor and Tie (M)
Demiricous, One (Hellbound), Metal Blade (P,E,M)
Demon Hunter, "Extremist", Solid State (M)
Diecast, Tearing Down (Bonus Tracks), Century Media (P,E,M)
Earth Crisis, Neutralize the Threat, Century Media (P,E,M)
Emmure, Goodbye to the Gallows, Victory (P,E,M)
Emmure, The Respect Issue, Victory (P,E,M)
Fall In Archaea, "Gatherings", Unsigned (P,E,M)
Full Blown Chaos, Wake The Demons, Stillborn (P,E,M)
God Forbid, Determination, Century Media (P,E)
Hatebreed, Perseverance, Universal (E)
Hatebreed, Rise of Brutality, Universal (P,E)
Hatebreed, Supremacy, Roadrunner (P,E.M)
Hatebreed, For the Lions, Koch (M)
Hatebreed, Hatebreed, E1 Music (P,E,M)
Hatebreed, The Divinity Of Purpose, Razor&Tie (CP,E)
Hell Within, Asylum of the Human Predator, Lifeforce (M)
Her Nightmare, Class War, Resist (P,E,M)
Howl, "Bloodlines", Relapse Records (P,E,M)
Hurtlocker, Fear In A Handfull Of Dust, Napalm Records (M)
Icepick, Violent Epiphany, Stillborn (P,E,M)
Impending Doom, The Serpent Servant, Facedown (M)
Ion Dissonance, Minus the Herd, Century Media (P,E,M)
Jamey Jasta, Jasta, E1 Music (M)
Kingdom of Sorrow, Kingdom of Sorrow, Relapse (P,E,M)
Kingdom of Sorrow, Behind the Blackest Tears, Relapse (M)
Legend, Valediction, Rise (P,E,M)
Lynchmada, To The Earth, Truth Inc. (M)
Madball, Legacy, Ferret (P,E,M)
Madball, Infiltrate the System, Ferret Music (US)/I Scream(P,E,M)
Municipal Waste, The Art of Partying, Earache (P,E,M)
Municipal Waste, Massive Aggressive, Earache (P,E,M)
Murderdolls, Women and Children Last, Roadrunner (P,E,M)
MyChildren MyBride, MyChildren MyBride, Solid State (P,E,M)
Neaera, Omnicide, Metal Blade (M)
Oceano, Contagion, Earache (P,E,M)
The Red Chord, Clients, Metal Blade (P,E,M)
The Red Chord, Fed Through the Teeth Machine, Metal Blade (M)
Remembering Never, God Save Us, Ferret (P,E,M)
Revocation, Teratogenesis, Scion AV (P,E,M)
Roger Miret and the Disasters, 1984, Hellcat (P,E,M)
Sanctity, Road To Bloodshed, Roadrunner (M)
Shadows Fall, Of One Blood, Century Media (P,E,M)
Shadows Fall, The Art of Balance, Century Media (P,E,M)
Shadows Fall, Deadworld EP, Century Media (P,E,M)
Shadows Fall, The War Within, Century Media(P,E,M)
Shadows Fall, Fallout from the War, Century Media (P,E,M)
Shadows Fall, Threads of Life, Atlantic (M)
Shadows Fall, Retribution, Everblack Industries (P,E,M)
Shai Hulud, Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion (reissue), Revelation (M)
Shinto Katana, We Can't Be Saved, Dogfight (M)
Six Feet Under, Unborn, Metal Blade (M)
Soulfly, "Enslaved", Roadrunner Records (P,E,M)
Staind, Hard Rock Live (M)
Stick to Your Guns, Comes from the Heart, Century Media (P,E,M)
Suicide Silence, The Black Crown, Century Media (M)
Suffocation, Pinnacle Of Bedlam, Nuclear Blast (M)
Sworn Enemy, As Real As It Gets, Electra (P,E,M)
Sworn Enemy, The Beginning of the End, Century Media (M)
Ten Tonn Hammer, Your Words Are nothing, Fono ltd (M)
Terror, Always the Hard Way, Trustkill (P,E,M)
Terror, The Damned, The Shamed Century Media (P,E,M)
Texas In July, One Reality, Equal Vision (P,E,M)
Throwdown, Vendetta, Trustkill / Roadrunner Records (P,E,M)
Throwdown, Deathless, E1 Music (M)
Threat Signal, Threat Signal, Nuclear Blast (P,E,M)
Thy Will Be Done, Was And Is to Come, Stillborn (P,E,M)
Thy Will Be Done, In Ancient of Days, Stillborn (P,E,M)
Thy Will Be Done, Temple EP, Eye. On Lion (M)
Too Pure To Die, Confess, Trustkill (P,E,M)
Unearth (Demo 2003) (CP,E,M)
Unearth, Pantera Tribute, Mtl Hammer (M)
Vinnie Stigma, New York Blood, Stillborn (M)
War of Ages, Return to Life, Facedown (P,E,M)
Whitechapel, This Is Exile, Metal Blade (M)
With Blood Comes Cleansing, Horror, Victory (P,E,M)