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Zhan Ziqian, Stroll About in Spring (游春图). This may be a copy of the earlier Sui/Tang dynasty work[1]

Zhan Ziqian (Chinese: 展子虔; pinyin: Zhǎn Zǐqián; Wade–Giles: Chan Tzu-ch'ien) (c. mid to late 6th century)[2] was a famous painter of ancient China from Yangxin county (阳信县), Shandong province. His birth and death dates are unknown. It is known that in the Sui dynasty (581 – 618) he was appointed to the office of Chaosan Dafu (朝散大夫) and later of Zhangnei Dudu (帐内都督).[3]

According to the historical documents, Zhan Ziquan painted a number of genres and religion paintings which have not survived. He was especially noted for his paintings of pavilions and people, and horses. His paintings of people were particularly lifelike.[3] The only painting by him that survives today is Strolling About in Spring, which is a perspective arrangement of mountains.


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