Zhang Liang (Yellow Turban)

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Zhang Liang
Simplified Chinese 张梁
Traditional Chinese 張梁

Zhang Liang (died 184) was a Yellow Turban rebel leader during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was a younger brother of Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao, the other two key leaders of the rebellion. He was said to be an able general. It is said that Zhang Liang is the grandson of Zhang Daoling. In Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it is said that he went to the altar, and caused a rock attack against imperial forces.

Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao split the army of Zhang Jiao after his death. He fought seven successive battles against imperial forces but was repelled each time and fled back to Quyang.[citation needed] On the seventh retreat he was captured by general Huangfu Song and killed. Zhang Bao would soon suffer a similar fate at the hands of his own men and the Yellow Turbans would quickly degenerate into nothing more than scattered bandit forces led by leaders such as He Yi and Zhang Yan. By 205 the movement ceased most of its military activities.

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