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County-level city
Country China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Yichun

Zhangshu (Chinese: 樟树; pinyin: Zhāngshù) is a county level city in Yichun, west-central Jiangxi province. It has an area of 1,291 km² and a population of 536,500. The literal translation of the name is Camphor laurel, because traditionally, the city was a major commercial hub for camphor laurel oil.

It is the home of famous Site Jiu, a type of baijiu.

Its history goes back to the Western Zhou and Spring and Autumn periods.

It is also famous for Chinese traditionary medicine, the China top 10 medicine producer REN HE group also locate there.

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Coordinates: 28°04′00″N 115°32′15″E / 28.06667°N 115.53750°E / 28.06667; 115.53750