Zhao Hong (rebel)

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhao.
Zhao Hong
Commander of Yellow Turbans
Traditional Chinese 趙弘
Simplified Chinese 赵弘
Pinyin Zhào Hóng
Wade–Giles Chao Hung

Zhao Hong (died 184) was a Yellow Turban rebel general during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history.


Zhao Hong was based in Nanyang Commandery, and became leader of the local Yellow Turbans after the previous leader, Zhang Mancheng, was killed in battle with government forces led by Qin Jie (秦頡) in 184.[1]

Zhao Hong led his rebel forces, said to number over one hundred thousand,[2] to occupy the city of Wan. Government forces led by Zhu Jun surrounded the city but were unable to recapture it for two months. The Zizhi Tongjian mentions only Zhu Jun and Xu Qiu (徐璆), Inspector of Jing Province, as commanders;[3] the Book of the Later Han says they joined forces with Qin Jie, and further states their combined forces numbered eighteen thousand.[4]

In the autumn of 184, Zhu Jun led a successful assault against the Yellow Turban forces, and executed Zhao Hong.

In fiction[edit]

In the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhao Hong at one time led his troops with Han Zhong and Sun Zhong to occupy Wancheng. Due to this fact Zhao Hong ended up battling against the forces of Zhu Jun. During the battle however, Zhao Hong was killed through a sword slash by Sun Jian, who at the time had come as reinforcements to imperial forces.[5]


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