Zhao Yingqi

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Zhào Yīngqí
King of Nam Việt
Reign 122–115 BC
Predecessor Zhao Mo
Successor Zhao Xing
Full name
Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhào Yīngqí; Vietnamese: Triệu Anh Tề;
Temple name
Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhào Míng Wáng; Vietnamese: Triệu Minh Vương
Dynasty Nanyue

Zhao Yingqi (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhào Yīngqí; Jyutping: Zīu6 Ying1cei4; Vietnamese: Triệu Anh Tề, ? – 115 BC) was the third ruler of the kingdom of Nanyue (Vietnamese: Nam Việt). His rule began in 122 BC and ended with his death in 115 BC. In Vietnamese history, he is considered a king of Vietnam.

Zhao Yingqi was the eldest son of King Zhao Mo of Nanyue. During his father’s reign, King Ying (郢) of Minyue invaded Nanyue in 135 BC. Zhao Mo sent a mission to Han Dynasty for help. So Emperor Wu of Han sent a troop to attack Minyue, beginning the Han–Minyue wars. Under the pressure of Han Dynasty, Yushan (余善), a brother of Ying, killed Ying and surrendered to Han Dynasty. Minyue was eventually annexed by the Han as the empire expanded southwards. To thank the help of Emperor Wu, Zhao Mo sent his Crown Prince Zhao Yingqi to Han court as Emperor’s guard (宿衛, Sù wèi). Zhao Yingqi married a Han Chinese woman named Jiushi (樛氏), who gave birth to his second son Zhao Xing.

Zhao Mo was ill seriously in 122 BC, Zhao Yingqi received permission from Emperor Wu to went back to Nanyue to look after his father. In the same year Zhao Mo died, Zhao Yingqi successed as king of Nanyue. Despite the Primogeniture, Zhao Yingqi appointed Zhao Xing as Crown Prince instead of his eldest son Zhao Jiande.

It was said Zhao Yingqi was a tyrant who killed citizens with flippant abandon.He died illness in 113 BC, his second son Zhao Xing assumed the Nanyue throne.

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Zhao Yingqi
Died: 115 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Zhào Mò
(Triệu Mạt)
King of Nanyue
122 BC – 115 BC
Succeeded by
Zhào Xīng
(Triệu Hưng)