Zhejiang International Studies University

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Zhejiang International Studies University
Motto 明德弘毅,博雅通达
Motto in English
striving for moral integrity and academic excellence
Type Public
President Hong Gang(洪岗)
Location Hangzhou, Zhejiang,  People's Republic of China
Campus urban & suburban
Website Zhejiang International Studies University (English)

Zhejiang International Studies University (Chinese: 浙江外国语学院; pinyin: Zhèjiāng Wàiguóyǔ Xuéyuàn)is located in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU), situated near the picturesque West Lake, is a prestigious academic institution run by Zhejiang Provincial Government. Guided by the motto of “striving for moral integrity and academic excellence”, the University is dedicated to the cultivation of innovative professionals with language competence and global vision, and the contribution to the economic and social development of the region.[1]

Brief history[edit]

The main root of this university was founded in 1987 known as the Quishi Academy then it became formerly known as Zhejiang Education Institute, which was founded in 1955 and started enrolling full-time undergraduates in 1994, ZISU got its present name in 2010 with the authorization of the State Ministry of Education.[1]

Fast Facts[edit]

  • City- Zhejiang—Hangzhou
  • Degree Programs- 32
  • Number of Students-5162
  • International Students- 18
  • School's Motto - "To encourage all its faculty members and students to follow the spirt of pursuing the truth, being rigorous and earnest, exerting oneself for never-ending progress, and pioneering new trails."

School Campus[edit]

In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province:

  • Urban
    • Wensan Campus, the headquarters
  • Suburban
    • Xiaoheshan Campus

Colleges and Departments[edit]

  • English Language and Culture
  • European and Asian Languages and Culture
  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • International Business Administration
  • Educational Science
  • Science and Technology
  • Arts
  • Applied Foreign Languages
  • International Education
  • Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
  • The Department of Social Sciences
  • The Department of Physical Education



ZISU has a faculty with high scholarly prestige and rich educational experience. The full-time teachers total 333, including 69 professors and 110 associate professors, 81 of whom hold a Ph. D. Among them, one is the National Outstanding Teacher, seven the Provincial Outstanding Teachers, 21 the Provincial Outstanding Talents, and 11 the Provincial Young Academic Leaders. Moreover, ZISU currently employs 9 foreign experts and teachers.[1]

International Exchange[edit]



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