Zheng Keshuang

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Zheng Keshuang
1. Prince of Yanping (延平王)
2. Prince of Chao (潮王)
2. Duke of Haicheng (海澄公)
Ruler of Tungning
Reign 1681-1683
Predecessor Zheng Kezang
Spouse Lady Feng
Father Zheng Jing
Mother Lady Wang
Born (1670-08-13)13 August 1670
Died 22 September 1717(1717-09-22) (aged 47)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zheng.
Zheng Keshuang
Traditional Chinese 鄭克塽
Simplified Chinese 郑克塽

Zheng Keshuang (13 August 1670 – 22 September 1717), courtesy name Shihong (實弘), pseudonym Huitang (晦堂), was the third ruler of the Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan in the 17th century. He was the second son of Zheng Jing and a grandson of Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong).

When Zheng Jing died in 1681, the official Feng Xifan allied with Zheng Jing's cousin to launch a coup to kill Zheng Kezang (鄭克𡒉), Zheng Jing's eldest son, and install a 12-year-old Zheng Keshuang on the throne of Tungning. Zheng Keshuang became known as the "Prince of Yanping" (延平王).

In 1683, the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty commissioned Shi Lang to lead a naval fleet to attack Tungning. Shi Lang's fleet defeated the Tungning forces led by Liu Guoxuan at the Battle of Penghu. Feng Xifan then urged Zheng Keshuang to surrender to the Qing Dynasty. Zheng Keshuang heeded his advice.[1]

Zheng Keshuang then moved to the Qing capital, Beijing, where he became a member of the Plain Red Banner of the Eight Banners, and received the title of "Duke of Haicheng" (海澄公) from the Kangxi Emperor. He died of illness in 1717 and his ducal title was not inherited by his descendants.

Family and descendants[edit]

Zheng Keshuang married Feng Xifan's daughter and they had a son, Zheng Anfu (鄭安福).

The Taiwanese poet Zheng Chouyu (鄭愁予; born 1933) is a descendant of Zheng Keshuang.

In fiction[edit]

Zheng Keshuang appears as one of the antagonists in the novel The Deer and the Cauldron by Louis Cha.

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