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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sha.
Zhi Gang Sha

Zhi Gang Sha (Chinese: 沙志鋼; born 1956) is a self-styled spiritual healer who claims that "the Divine" has given him the power to download "soul software" and to heal a range of ailments.[1]

Life and ideas[edit]

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is an American spiritual teacher, author and lecturer, as well as a prominent alternative medicine advocate - as referenced by the Seattle PI review of his recent book, "Soul Healing Miracles," "He believes that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, to heal others, and to heal the world. Master Sha demonstrates how to use techniques such as chanting, calligraphy, singing, meditating, and specific body positions to unblock energy in our cells and organs to generate self-healing processes in our own body, and to heal others as well."[2]

Dr. and Master Sha is a strong promoter of increasingly popular forms of spirituality. He has published 20 books, including ten New York Times bestselling books, including Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies, which has sold more than 300,000 copies since its release in November 2013. His latest book Soul Mind Body Science System was just published in November and debuted on the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List.

Dr. and Master Sha is the founder of The Chanting Channel, a meditative and chanting space that runs 24-hours per day, 365 days a year to increase healing and mindfulness on an individual and global level.

He was recently a VIP guest speaker fo the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, offering a “Day of Miracle Soul Healing,” featuring the use of powerful healing calligraphy, chanting, soul-guided singing, music and movement. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite spiritual leaders says of Dr. and Master Sha, “I immediately knew that I wanted to support this gifted healer and his mission, so I introduced him to my spiritual community. Ever since, it has been my joy to witness how those who apply his teachings and techniques experience increased energy, joy, harmony, and peace in their lives.”

In addition to the support of Agape Founder Michael Beckwith, luminaries ranging from bestselling authors Marianne Williamson, John Gray, and Wayne Dyer to legendary NFL quarterback turned Sports anchor Warren Moon endorse Dr. and Master Sha’s teachings. He has been featured on several public television specials including The Power of Soul. His new public television series Soul Healing Miracles with Dr. and Master Sha will begin airing on PBS stations across North America in March 2015.

Sha has an M.D. and a degree in traditional Chinese medicine. He is also a grandmaster of Tai Chi, was the lead acupuncturist for the World Health Organization, has been named Qigong Master of the Year and in 2006 was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts.[3] He teaches his patients that chanting mantras in Mandarin Chinese can heal their ailments.[4] He has also claimed to be able to replace organs using a technique he describes as a "soul software download",[1] and practices what he refers to as "soul healings".[5]

Sha's practices have been controversial and their effectiveness has been called into question. An ophthalmologist who examined patients treated by Sha reported that none of their conditions were helped by his methods.[1]


Sha has written twenty-four books, including Zhi Neng Medicine: Revolutionary Self-Healing Methods from China (Zhi Neng Press, 1996), Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind and Spirit (HarperSanFranciso, 2002), Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality (New World Library, 2006), Living Divine Relationships (Heaven’s Library Publication Corp., 2006), Soul Wisdom I: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life (Heaven’s Library Publication Corp., 2007), and Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment (Heaven’s Library Publication Corp., 2007).

In 2008, Sha partnered with Atria Books, a major division of Simon and Schuster, to create the "Soul Power" Series: The Power of Soul (2009), Divine Soul Songs: Sacred Practical Treasures to Heal, Rejuvenate, and Transform You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes (2009), and Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System: The Divine Way to Heal You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes (2009), Tao I: The Way of All Life (2010), Divine Transformation: The Divine Way to Self-clear Karma and Transform Your Health, Relationships, Finances, and More (2010), Tao II: The Way of Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality (2010), Tao Song and Tao Dance: Sacred Sound, Movement, and Power from the Source for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of All Life (2011), and Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life (2012). Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies (BenBella Books, 2013)[6]


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