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Zhob River (Pashto: ژوب سيند‎) is located in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The name is Iranian in its origin and etymologically identical to those of the Little Zab and Great Zab rivers in Iraq and the Pamirs. In Pashto language, Zhob means "oozing water". The total length of Zhob river is 410 km, and it flows in a north eastern course. It starts from the boundary of Balochistan and Fata,in the north western Balochistan and reaches till the Toba Kakar Range.

The Zhob River originates in the Kan Metarzai range (Tsari Mehtarazai Pass). It passes about 4 km away from Zhob city. The Zhob River is a tributary of the Gomal River, which it joins near Khajuri Kach.[1] The Gomal River then joins the Indus River 20 miles south of Dera Ismail Khan.

Also river zhob irrigate the land in the northern balochistan with the river gomal so it is very fertile so agriculture is done.Also it lies in some parts of sulaiman range.People there would do agriculture,farming and mining as there would be sui industry and many people would get employment in the industry.


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Coordinates: 32°04′N 69°51′E / 32.067°N 69.850°E / 32.067; 69.850