Zhonghuamen Railway Station

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This article is about a railway station of Nanjing-Tongling Railway. For a railway station of Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway, see Nanjing South Railway Station.
Zhonghuamen Railway Station

Zhonghuamen Railway Station (Chinese: 中华门火车站) is a railway station in Yuhua Road near Zhonghua Gate of Nanjing. It is a station of Nanjing-Tongling Railway with two platforms. There’s a subway station nearby.


  • 1935: This station was built along with Jiangnan Railway.
  • 2001: Its name was turned into Nanjing South Railway Station
  • Jan, 6, 2011: To distinguish from a new railway station in Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway, its name was returned to Zhonghuamen Railway Station.

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Coordinates: 32°00′30″N 118°46′24″E / 32.00833°N 118.77333°E / 32.00833; 118.77333