Zhou Fang (Tang dynasty)

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Court Lady Tuning the Lute, by Zhou Fang.

Zhou Fang (c. 730-800 CE, Chinese: 周昉, Wade–Giles Chou Fang) was one of two influential painters during the mid-Tang dynasty. He was also known as Zhou Jing Xuan and Zhong Lang. Zhou lived in the Tang capital of Chang'an, which is now modern Xi'an, during the 8th century. He came from a noble background and this was reflected in his works, such as Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers or Court Lady With Servants. He was influenced by the pure and detailed style of Gu Kai-zhi and Lu tan-wei from the Six dynasties in his work. The late Tang dynasty art critic Zhu Jing Xuan said: "Zhou Fang's Buddha, celestial beings, figures, and paintings of beautiful women are all incredible masterpieces."

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