Zhu Changqing, Prince of Huai

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Zhu Changqing, Prince of Huai
Emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty
Reign 1648 - 1649
Predecessor Shaowu Emperor
Successor Yongli Emperor
Full name
Family name: Zhu (朱)
Given name: Changqing (常清)
Era name and dates
Dongwu (東武): 1648 - 1649
Posthumous name
Temple name
House Southern Ming Dynasty
Father Zhu Yiju
Born  ?
Died 1649

Zhu Changqing (Chinese:朱常清) (? - 1649), Prince of Huai, was claimed to be emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty; his regime name was Dongwu (東武). The Dongwu Emperor reigned for one year from 1648 to 1649.


Dongwu got full support from Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong), a famous and powerful warlord during that time. Dongwu's & Koxinga's power was based on Guandong and Fujian province.


Dongwu died in 1649 and was succeeded by Prince of GUI with the era name Yongli Emperor.


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Zhu Changqing, Prince of Huai
Born: - -
Regnal titles
Preceded by
The Shaowu Emperor
Emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty
Succeeded by
The Yongli Emperor