Zhu Yunlai

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhu.
Levin Zhu
Levin Zhu - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010.jpg
Born 1957 (age 56–57)
Changsha, Hunan
Alma mater Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
University of Wisconsin
Occupation CEO of CICC
Parents Zhu Rongji

Zhu Yunlai (Chinese: 朱雲來; pinyin: Zhū Yúnlái; born 1957; in Changsha, Hunan), is a descendant of the Hongwu Emperor. He is the eldest son of the former Premier of the People's Republic of China Zhu Rongji. In 1994, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin, studying atmospheric science, he served as chairman of the International Financial Corporation. Fortune magazine named him 15th among "25 most influential Asian business leaders,".[1]

His father Zhu Rongji is descended from emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty, through Prince Zhu Bian. Zhu Rongji also has a cousin named Zhu Yunzhong born in 1933.[2]


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Zhu Yunlai
Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Zhu Rongji
Line of succession to the Chinese throne
1st position
Succeeded by
Zhu Yunzhong