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Coordinates: 24°50′00″N 121°00′43″E / 24.83333°N 121.01194°E / 24.83333; 121.01194

County-controlled city
Location of Zhubei
Country  Republic of China
County Hsinchu County
 • Mayor Yang Jing-ci (楊敬賜)
 • Total 46.83 km2 (18.08 sq mi)
Population (January 2014)
 • Total 159,318
Postal code 302
Area code(s) (0)35
Zhubei City

Zhubei City (Chinese: 竹北市; pinyin: Zhúběi Shì; Wade–Giles: Chu2-pei3 Shih4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tek-pak-chhī) is a county-controlled city and the county seat of Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Zhubei's prior name "red fur field" (紅毛田) was attributed to the era of Japanese rule during the Second World War. Over the recent years, Zhubei has become a popular city of immigration as the Hsinchu County government has focused most of its infrastructure here. Zhubei City is currently houses the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, which is also one of the central technology industries in Taiwan.


Zhubei was originally a township under Hsinchu County from 1950-1988. In October 1988, Zhubei Township was promoted to a county-controlled city.


Zhubei borders Hukou Township to the north, Zhutong to the northeast, and the Taiwan Strait to its west. It is the discharge point of the Fongshan River and the Touqian River to the Taiwan Strait. Zhubei remains to be a satellite city of Hsinchu City after Hsinchu City had reformed to become a special municipality in 1982. Due to the disintegrate of Hsinchu City from the Hsinchu County and the naturalization of the Hsinchu County seat, Zhubei has acquired an increasing capital inflow of real estates and population.

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  • The agricultural aspect of Zhubei has reformed from the crop plantations to floral and fruits that attracts tourists.
  • Parts of Zhubei City have retained their traditional infrastructure following the demolition of the old city

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