Zhuifen Station

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Zhuifen Station

Zhuifen Station (Chinese: 追分車站; Hanyu Pinyin: Zhuīfēn chēzhàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Jhueifen Chejhàn) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line (Coast Line) located in Dadu District, Taichung, Taiwan.

The Zhuifen-Chenggong Ticket was a hot sale because of its lucky meaning "Pursue to Success".


  • This is a wooden station. and it is now one of city historical site.


Zhuifen Station is primarily serviced by Local Trains (區間車).

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toward Keelung
Western Line
Coast Line
toward Kaohsiung

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Coordinates: 24°07′13.0″N 120°34′14.9″E / 24.120278°N 120.570806°E / 24.120278; 120.570806