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Zhunan Township in Miaoli County
Zhunan Township
TRA Zhunan Station

Zhunan Township (Chinese: 竹南鎮; pinyin: Zhúnán Zhèn) is an urban township in northern Miaoli County, Taiwan.

Sights and facilities[edit]

Zhunan's main tourist attraction is at its largest Matsu Temple. The temple has a statue of the deity Matsu which from street level to its top is over 100 ft. Zhunan is traditionally a beach and fishing community so has strong links with the sea guardian, Matsu. Zhunan is now part of Taiwan's computer sector and has a large Science Park. Mountains overlook the town and are within 20 minutes driving distance. Zhunan has wide open beaches and some fun cycling routes that run parallel to the beaches. Beach access used to be tricky until the bridge from the harbour to the beach was opened in 2008. It is a favourite local surfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing spot with year round winds.


紅林 (pinyin: hóng-lín) [1] means Red Forest in English. Popular with locals, Hong Lin is a teppanyaki or tiě bǎn shāo (鐵板燒) restaurant that serves a variety of meat, vegetable and seafood dishes cooked in full view on a flat grill. Dishes include pork, beef, lamb, cuttlefish, shrimp, cod, mushrooms and omelettes. Main courses can be had as a set with rice, vegetables and soup. Prices vary between 100-200 NT. Located on No. 27之9號, YánPíng Road, on the corner of YánPíng Road and MínQuán Street. English menu available.

一品 [2] serves almost exclusively duck based dishes. It's located at 115 ZhōngZhèng Road.

MínZú Street There are lots of cheap street food stalls and small restaurants on this street, particularly near Wellcome supermarket [3].

Longfeng Harbor [4] There are a lot of places to eat fresh seafood here.

阿呆鳥刀切牛肉麵 [5] If you don't read Chinese, you can recognize this restaurant by the small sign with a picture of a bird. Various kinds of noodles and noodle soups are served. The curry noodles and black bean noodles are both popular. English menu available.

繽紛泰泰式料理 [6] Authentic Thai food. This is a small, family run place with friendly service. English menu available.

Amici[7] Italian food. English menu available.


Zhunan is served by National Highway No. 3 (Taiwan) and Provincial Highway No. 61.

The township is accessible from Zhunan Station and Qiding Station of Taiwan Railway Administration.

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