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For the Christian rock band formed as Zilch, see Sonicflood.
The 2001 tour lineup
Background information
Origin Planning:
Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan
Origin Location:
Gardena, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock, industrial rock
Years active 1996–2002
Labels Cutting Edge, Rhythm Republic
Associated acts The Professionals, Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age, Killing Joke, X Japan, hide with Spread Beaver
Past members Ray McVeigh
Paul Raven
Joey Castillo

Zilch (stylized as zilch) was an alternative/industrial rock band formed in 1996 by hide (formerly in X Japan), Ray McVeigh (formerly in The Professionals), Paul Raven (Killing Joke), Joey Castillo (Danzig and Queens of the Stone Age) and I.N.A. (hide with Spread Beaver).

Before the release of its first album, 3.2.1., the group already faced a major setback, as frontman hide died in May 1998. The band did continue to perform live with the help of several guest musicians and released a remix album, Bastard Eyes, based on their debut. They also released another studio album, SkyJin, and two singles, "Mimizuzero" and "Charlie's Children".

Zilch disbanded in 2002. Five years after they broke up, Paul Raven died.


Guest musicians


  • 3.2.1. (July 23, 1998), Oricon Peak Position: No. 2[1]
  • Bastard Eyes (March 3, 1999, remix album) No. 5[1]
  • "Mimizuzero" (February 28, 2001) No. 37[2]
  • "Charlie's Children" (June 27, 2001) No. 37[2]
  • Skyjin (September 27, 2001) No. 33[1]
Appear on
  • Heavy Metal 2000 (April 18, 2000, "Inside The Pervert Mound")
  • Cafe Le Psyence -hide Lemoned Compilation- (May 16, 2002, "Electric Cucumber")
  • Catacombs (October 3, 2007, "Psyche")


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