Zillertal Alps

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Zillertal Alps
Highest point
Peak Hochfeiler
Elevation 3,510 m (11,520 ft)
Coordinates 46°58′22″N 11°43′34″E / 46.97278°N 11.72611°E / 46.97278; 11.72611
Countries Austria and Italy
States Tyrol, Salzburg and South Tyrol
Range coordinates 47°00′N 11°55′E / 47°N 11.92°E / 47; 11.92Coordinates: 47°00′N 11°55′E / 47°N 11.92°E / 47; 11.92
Parent range Central Eastern Alps

The Zillertal Alps (German: Zillertaler Alpen; Italian: Alpi Aurine) are a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps on the border of Austria and Italy. The range is named after the Zillertal (Ziller river valley) on its north.

The range is bounded by the Tuxerjoch mountain pass to the north (separating it from the Tux Alps); the Birnlücke - Forcella del Picco pass to the east (separating it from the Hohe Tauern); the Eisack and its tributary the Rienz to the south (separating it from the Southern Limestone Alps); and the Brenner Pass to the west (separating it from the Stubai Alps).


The main peaks of the Zillertal Alps are:

Peak Elevation (m/ft)
Hochfeiler 3510 11,515
Großer Möseler 3486 11,438
Olperer 3480 11,418
Turnerkamp 3422 11,228
Großer Löffler 3382 11,096
Fußstein 3380 11,090
Schwarzenstein 3370 11,057
Reichenspitze 3305 10,844
Großer Mörchner 3287 10,785
Zsigmondyspitze 3085 10,122


The main mountain passes of the Zillertal Alps are:

Mountain pass Location Type Elevation (m/ft)
Mitterbachjoch Zemmtal to Sand in Taufers snow 3130 10,270
Trippachsattel Floiten Valley to Sand in Taufers snow 3054 10,020
Alpeinerscharte Zemmtal to Wipptal foot path 2960 9712
Keilbachjoch Mayrhofen to Ahrntal foot path 2868 9410
Heiliggeistjöchl Mayrhofen to Ahrntal foot path 2658 8721
Krimmlertauern Krimml to Ahrntal foot path 2634 8642
Horndljöchl Mayrhofen to Ahrntal foot path 2555 8383
Lappacherjoch Lappach to Ahrntal foot path 2366 7763
Tuxerjoch Tuxertal to Wipptal foot path 2346 7697
Pfitscherjoch Zemmtal to Sterzing foot path 2248 7376

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