Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation

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(ZBC) (English)
Type Television network
Radio network
Country Zimbabwe
Availability National
Owner Government of Zimbabwe
Launch date
1980 (succeeded ZRBC)
Former names
Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation, and later
Zimbabwe Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation
Official website

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is the state-controlled broadcaster in Zimbabwe. It was established as the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation (RBC), taking its current name in 1980. Both the RBC and the ZBC have been accused of being a government mouthpiece with no editorial independence.


The ZBC operates four radio networks, providing a mix of news, current affairs, educational programming and music, in English, Shona and Ndebele.

Local radio stations run hourly news bulletins which range from two minutes to the longest being a ten-minute bulletin on weekends and holidays. Presenters include Oscar Pambuka, Admire Mhungu, Justin Mahlahla, Anna Miti, Tracey Sibanda, Abigail Tembo, Raviro Musendekwa and Keith Mawoyo.

On the national languages desk readers include Nqobile Malinga, Patience Machokoto, Nyasha Makota, Sitheni Nleya, Taboka Ncube, Faith Nare and Caroline Sithole.

Bulletins come out live on SFM at 7 am, 8 am, 1 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm and running from Monday to Friday.

The anchors are Marion Shaba, Yvonne Gawe, Violet Makoto, Theophilus Chuma, Ian Zvoma, Butler Nhepure and Jonathan Marerwa.


Television was introduced in Southern Rhodesia in 1960. The first news broadcast took place on 15 November; it was presented by Pat Trevor. It was the first such service in southern Africa, South Africa did not introduce television until 1976. RBC TV was funded by advertising and a television licence fee. Television reception was confined mainly to the large cities, and most viewers were White Rhodesians.

Colour television was introduced in 1984, with a second channel, available only in Harare, being introduced in 1986. This channel was discontinued in 1997 and replaced by the first independent channel in Zimbabwe known as Joy TV. This channel lasted until 2002, when it was controversially taken off the air for allegedly failing to pay fees to ZBC.

The main ZBC TV news bulletin opens with a man in traditional tribal costume beating a drum, before more people beat the drum.

The news bulletins include the morning Good Morning Zimbabwe, lunchtime news, Nhau Indaba and News Hour.

Marion Shaba, the anchor, is usually the host of news hour, while other Zimbabweans such as Oscar Pambuka, Ian Zvoma, Juliet Muzenda and Walter Mpfanochiya are also regular anchors.

ZBC Channel 2 TV launched for viewers in Harare only in Winter 2010.

ZBC TV is currently not available online.

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