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Zimbabweans in Australia
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Perth · Sydney · Melbourne
English · Shona · Ndebele · Afrikaans · Nyanja
Related ethnic groups
African Australian

Zimbabwean Australians are Australian citizens of Zimbabwean ancestry or Zimbabwe-born people who reside in Australia. They include migrants to Australia of people from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia until 1980), as well as their descendants. Today, over 30,000 people in Australia were born in Zimbabwe, while many more have Zimbabwean ancestry.[1]


The number of permanent settlers arriving in Australia from Zimbabwe since 1991 (monthly)

The Zimbabwean population in Australia has been changing rapidly. The 2006 Australian Census registered 20,157 Zimbabwe-born living in Australia.[citation needed] The 2011 Census noted there are 30,252 Zimbabwe-born people.[2] The vast majority are skilled and educated, with 74.5% of the Zimbabwe-born aged 15 years and over possessing higher non-school qualifications, compared to 55.9% of the Australian population.[3]

Population distribution[edit]

Almost a third of Zimbabweans in Australia reside in Perth, whereas about a fifth reside in Sydney.[4] Many white Zimbabweans have settled in Queensland,[5] whereas people of indigenous Shona and Ndebele ethnicities commonly settle in Sydney or Melbourne.[6]


New South Wales[edit]

Australians who speak a language indigenous to Zimbabwe at home are most numerous in Sydney. One in three of Australia's Ndebele-speakers and one in three of Australia's Shona-speakers live in Sydney.[7][8]


English, Shona and Afrikaans are the main languages Zimbabwean Australians in Victoria speak at home. 53% of Zimbawean Australians in Victoria speak English, while 36% speak Shona and 1% speak Afrikaans.[9]

Notable Zimbabwean Australians[edit]