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Industry Music and Publishing
Founded 2011
Founder Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe
Products ZinePaks
Website ZinePak

ZinePak is an American music and publishing company founded in 2011.

Company history[edit]

ZinePak was launched in January 2011 by founders Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe. The two met while working at Fathom Communications in 2010, with Hodak coming from a background in music and Kaupe coming from a background in publishing—specifically having worked for Conde Nast Publications.[1][2] ZinePak's first and primary distributor was Walmart, which was interested in finding a way to combat slunking music sales due to piracy and online downloads.

According to Geri Stengel of Forbes Magazine, founders "Hodak and Kaupe came up with a business model that compete[d] with the lure of online purchasing and piracy. Passionate music fans want more than just music. They want an experience. When you’re not attending a concert, interacting with memorabilia achieves that. ZinePak packages a CD with a fan magazine and other items that tie to the musician, such as posters, guitar picks, and even branded greeting cards and perfume samples. These engage listeners in a personalized experience with the musician".[3] In 2013 the company was named Entrepreneur Magazine's April Startup of the Month,[1] was named one of the magazine's top thirty startups to watch,[4] and both founders were named to the Advertising Age 40 under 40.[5] In 2013 the company was also nominated for the Wall Street Journal's Startup of the Year.[6][7]


ZinePak has produced ZinePaks for clients including KIDZ BOP, the Academy of Country Music, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, No Doubt, KISS, Dove, Dr. Pepper,[1] Rascal Flatts, Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery, Selena Gomez,[5] Katy Perry,[8] Maroon 5,[5] Toby Keith,[9] and Mary J. Blige.[10] The Beach Boys released a ZinePak upon their 50th anniversary, which according to Billboard, included "a 72-page magazine featuring rare photos and new interviews with Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine and David Marks, plus collectible postcards and an 11-track CD." Their ZinePak for the Academy of Country Music Awards debuted as "No. 17 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, No. 4 on Top Compilation Albums and No. 19 on Top Independent Albums".[11] The compilation ZinePak for each Awards show since has also charted.[12] The company has also partnered with brands, movie studios, athletes, and fashion labels. It has also used iBooks and magazines with augmented reality elements in its ZinePaks.[4]


The company has taken no venture capital and was completely self-funded by the founders.[3] As of early 2013 ZinePak has sold over one million ZinePaks.[13]


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