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Signe Marie "Zinken" Hopp, née Brochmann (9 January 1905 — 3 September 1987) was a Norwegian author, nonsense poet and playwright .

She was born in Ullensvang as a daughter of journalist Diderik Hegermann Brochmann (1879–1955) and Margit Hagen (1896–1962). She was a sister of Odd Brochmann, granddaughter of Bodvar Fredrik Johannes Brochmann and niece of Georg Brochmann. In 1932 she married broadcasting personality Einar Meidell Hopp.[1] Zinken was her nickname from childhood.

She is best known for translating Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland into Norwegian. Her own books, which were mostly for children, include The Magic Chalk, Jon and Sofus and over a dozen others.She is best known for writing children's books, and for her cheerful poems. She was also writing biographies.

She died in September 1987 in Bergen.[1]


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