Zion Triangle

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Zion Triangle

Zion Park is a small park in the Brownsville, Brooklyn section of Brooklyn, New York notable for the Brownsville War Memorial.[1]

The Memorial to the fallen of the First World War was created by sculptor Charles Cary Rumsey (1879–1922) and dedicated in 1925.[2] The bas relief sculptures are mounted on a limestone stele and side pylons by architect Henry Beaumont Herts.[3]

The park is formed by the junction of Legion Street, and Pitkin Avenue and East New York Avenue at the junction of Eastern Parkway. The land for the park was donated to the City of Brooklyn in 1896, by Peter L. Vandeveer, and originally called Vandeveer Park. In 1911 it was renamed Zion Park by the Board of Aldermen, in recognition of its location in what was at the time a largely Jewish neighborhood.[3]


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