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ZLIN Z.126 TRENER 2 D-EWAC l.jpg
Z-126 Trener II
Role Training aircraft
Manufacturer Moravan Otrokovice
Produced 1948-1977

Zlin Trener is a family of aircraft that was based on a basic training aircraft, the Z-26.

The original Z-26 was designed in late 1940s and produced in 1946 by the Czechoslovakian company, Moravan to meet a requirement for a basic trainer to replace the Bücker Jungmann and Bestmann. It was a low-winged monoplane of mixed construction, with wooden wings and a welded metal tube fuselage, powered by a single four-cylinder piston engine, the Walter Minor 4-III. It first flew in early 1947, proving superior to the competing Praga 112, and was declared the winner, entering production in 1948.[1]

Later Z-26 variants were optimised to participate in aerobatic competitions and many were owned by private pilot owners.


Zlin Z-226T Trener 6 exhibited at the 1957 Paris Air Show

The following variants were progressive improvements on the Z-26:

  • Z-26 - two-seat primary trainer aircraft. 163 built.[2]
  • Z-126 - all-metal wing instead of original wooden wing
  • Z-226 - more powerful Walter Minor 6-III six-cylinder engine, A.K.A. C-205
  • Z-326 - with an electrically retractable undercarriage
  • Z-526 - with the Walter 6-III carburettor's six-cylinder engine
    • Z-526A - single-seat aerobatic aircraft
    • Z-526F - Improved version. M-137 Engine with fuel injector.
  • Z-726 - with Walter M 337 supercharged engine.(used in Romania by sportive aviation with M-137 Sh engines under the name Zlin-726 Universal).
    • Z-726K - Improved version.

Many sub-variants were also produced, for example the Z-526A and Z-526AFS were aerobatic specials. The production of the family was terminated in the 1970s with Z-726.


Military Operators[edit]

Austrian Air Force
Czechoslovakian Air Force
 East Germany

Specifications (Z-26)[edit]

General characteristics


Specifications (Z-726)[edit]

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1976-77 [3]

General characteristics


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