Zoeken naar Eileen (film)

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Zoeken naar Eileen
Zoeken naar Eileen.jpg
Directed by Rudolf van den Berg
Written by Leon de Winter
Starring Thom Hoffman
Lysette Anthony
Garry Whelan
Kenneth Hardgein
John van Dreelen
Hans Kemna
Cinematography Theo van de Sande
Release dates
24 September 1987
Running time
98 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Zoeken naar Eileen is a 1987 Dutch film directed by Rudolf van den Berg. The international title of the film is Looking for Eileen, and is based on the book Zoeken naar Eileen W., written by Leon de Winter.

The voice of the British actress Lysette Anthony was dubbed by Marijke Vleugelers.


A young man has just lost his young girlfriend, and becomes depressed. But then he meets a woman which resembles his late girlfriend a lot. Their meeting is brief, but the main character knows enough to know that he only wants her from that moment on. The only thing he knows of her, is that she speaks English, that she is from Northern Ireland and that she is called Eileen.


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