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Zoetica Ebb
Born Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian-American
Occupation Photographer, journalist, blogger, model, artist
Spouse(s) Ales Kot (m. 2009–13)[1][2][3]

Zoetica Ebb (born in Moscow, Russia)[4][5] is a Russian-American[6] artist, photographer, writer, model and alternative culture personage.[7]


Ebb is one of the co-founders of Coilhouse Magazine – a print and web art publication established in 2007.[5][6][7] She has also worked as a photographer and culture writer for Red Bull's ChinaShop Magazine,[4] as well as a photographer for SuicideGirls[8] (where she also ran a fashion blog column titled What's Zo Wearing).[4] Additionally, she has contributed artwork to Occupy Comics,[9] and runs the popular personal blog Biorequiem.[10]


Ebb has stated that she is of Russian-Jewish and Uighur descent.[11]

In 2011, she collaborated with Canadian design team Plastik Wrap for a Victorian-inspired collection titled GHST RDR.[4][12] Ebb is the founder of D4RT – a mobile art class that aims to bring workshops and public art projects to impoverished communities, including Yantaló, Peru, where she donated supplies, painted a mural, and conducted a children's art workshop in the Amazon jungle.[4] Ebb appeared as herself in the documentary Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts.[13] She is set to play the role of 'The Temptress' in Ramzi Abed's film Noirland, which is scheduled for release in 2013.[14]

Art exhibitions[edit]


  • 2008: "Off World Cloud Hunters", Plastik Wrap[15]


  • 2007: Seven Brides Electrified, Jail gallery (curated and exhibited)[16]
  • 2008: Beerotica, The Hive Gallery[17]
  • 2008: Dances of Vice, Element NYC[18][19]
  • 2009: Induced Epidemics, Chaos Gallery[20]
  • 2009: Beerotica 2, The Hive Gallery[17]
  • 2009: Monster?, Copro Nason Gallery[21]
  • 2010: The Best Little Whorehouse in LA, The Foundation Room, LA House of Blues[22]
  • 2010: This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me, Fox Art Gallery[23]
  • 2010: The Ghost of Delilah and Other Stories, Gallery 1988[24]
  • 2012: Gag Me With a Toon 4, WWA Gallery, LA[25]
  • 2012: Conjoined 2 in 3D, Copro Nason Gallery, LA[26]


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