Zolotonoshka River

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Russian: Золотоношка, Zolotonoshka, Ukrainian: Золотоношка, Zolotonoshka
Zolotonosha River.jpg
The Zolotonoshka River in Fall
Country Ukraine
Region Cherkasy region
Source Lake
 - location Zolotonoshka village, Ukraine
 - coordinates 50°1′40.17″N 32°5′41.52″E / 50.0278250°N 32.0948667°E / 50.0278250; 32.0948667
Mouth Dnipro Riever
 - location near Zolotonosha, Chapayevka, Ukraine
Length 88 km (55 mi)
Basin 1,260 km2 (486 sq mi)

The Zolotonoshka River is a small river in central Ukraine. The Zolotonoshka is a left tributary of the Dnipro River. The length of the river is 88 kilometers. The drainage basin is 1260 km2.

The name is derived from a legend that Ukrainian cossacks were hiding gold (from Ukrainian: золото (zoloto - gold) in the river. Scientists explain that the sand on the bottom of the river was shining in the sunlight, making people believe that there was gold.[1] It is located close to the city of Zolotonosha, and is currently used to meet the city's needs. For the last five years the sewage water from the city was dumped directly to the river without any cleaning, destroying the eco-system of the river. [2]