Zombie Nightmare

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Zombie Nightmare
Zombie Nightmare.jpg
Directed by Jack Bravman
Produced by Pierre Grise
Written by David Wellington
Starring Adam West
Jon Mikl Thor
Tia Carrere
Music by Jon Mikl Thor
Cinematography Robert Racine
Edited by David Franko
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release dates 1986
Running time 89 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Zombie Nightmare is a 1986 zombie film directed by Jack Bravman. This movie was filmed in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada. It stars Jon Mikl Thor.


In the beginning of the film a little boy named Tony Washington (Jesse D'Angelo) watches his father William Washington (John Fasano) play in a baseball game. On the way home Tony, William and Tony's mother Louise (Francesca Bonacorsa) see a young girl (Tracy Biddle) about to be raped by two teenagers. William saves the young girl from being raped but is killed when one of the rapists stabs him.

Years pass, and Tony (Jon Mikl Thor) is now grown up. When Tony comes back home, Louise reminds him about the groceries. Tony leaves to get groceries.

Meanwhile, a group of teenagers Bob (Allan Fisler), Amy (Tia Carrere), Jim (Shawn Levy), Peter, and Susie are at a bar. They are soon kicked out because they are underage. Bob suggests they try to find some sleazy chicks and they take off in a car, driving recklessly down the street.

Tony, now a musclebound teenage baseball player, is leaving a small grocery store where he had helped disrupt an attempted robbery. As he steps out of the store and into the road, he is run over by the gang of teenagers. Tony’s mother contacts one of her neighbors, a voodoo priestess, who happens to be the young girl who was saved by Tony's father earlier in the film when Tony was a child. She resurrects Tony as a zombie. Zombie-Tony goes on a killing spree, hunting down and killing the teenagers responsible for his death.

The police captain, played by Adam West, turns out to be corrupt, and is one of the original attackers from the attempted rape of the young voodoo priestess. He follows Tony to the cemetery where he shoots and kills the priestess and her zombie, only to be pulled down into Hell by Tony's father.



Thor plays the zombie, and wrote much of the incidental music. This includes heavy metal riffs by his band, and synthesizer music played by the band Thorkestra. Several other heavy metal bands contribute to the soundtrack. The Motörhead hit "Ace of Spades" plays during the opening credits. Other bands heard on the soundtrack include Virgin Steele, Girlschool, Fist, and Death Mask, as well as a track by Thor's then wife and back up singer "Pantera" (not the band).[1]

An edited version of the movie was featured in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


  • Girlschool - "Future Flash"
  • Girlschool - "C'mon Let's Go"
  • Motörhead - "Ace of Spades"
  • Fist - "Danger Zone"
  • Virgin Steele - "We Rule the Night"
  • Thor - "Rebirth"
  • Death Mask - "I'm Dangerous"
  • Battalion - "Out for the Kill"
  • Pantera - "Midnite Man"†
  • Knighthawk - "Zombie Life"
  • The Things - "Dead Things"

†The "Pantera" that appears on the soundtrack is not the band but was Jon Mikl Thor's then wife whose stage name was "Pantera". She was the back up singer in Thor and this is a solo song she sang backed by the Thor band. She is in no relation to the more famous Pantera from Texas of the same name. People have mistaken the listed track "Midnite Man" to be by the band Pantera were around then and more of a glam band at the time.


The film was given a limited release theatrically in the United States by New World Pictures and Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment in 1986.[2] It was subsequently released on VHS by New World Home Video.

The film was released on special edition DVD by Scorpion Releasing in 2010.[3]


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