Zone of the Dead

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Zone of the Dead
Directed by Milan Konjević
Milan Todorović
Produced by Milan Todorović
Loris Curci
Vukota Brajovic
Pierfrancesco Fiorenza
Written by Milan Konjević
Vukota Brajović
Milan Todorović
Starring Ken Foree
Kristina Klebe
Emilio Roso
Distributed by Epic Pictures Group
Release dates
February 22, 2009
Running time
96 min. (101 min. director's cut)
Country Serbia
Language English

Zone of the Dead, also known as Apocalypse of the Dead (Zona Mrtvih in Serbian) is a 2009 Serbian horror film by directors Milan Konjević and Milan Todorović.[1] It stars Ken Foree, most well known for his starring role in Dawn of the Dead in 1978.


The film starts off with a police-escorted prisoner, who is being transported under the supervision of Interpol. The route leads them through the city of Pančevo, where they encounter an ecological holocaust and the people infected by the biohazard, who are trying to kill them. Two Interpol agents, Mortimer Reyes and Mina Milius, soon realize that their only chance for escape from the zombie hordes lies in allying with the dangerous, mysterious prisoner.[2]



The film was released on February 22, 2009.[10] On 1 March 2010 Metrodome released the DVD in the UK and Ireland as Apocalypse of the Dead.[11] On 1 September 2012 Epic Pictures released it on DVD in North America as Apocalypse of the Dead.[12] It is interesting that the trailer for this film has more than 10.8 million views on YouTube (as of Nov. 2014), which makes it one of the most popular zombie trailers of all times.


Zone of the Dead 2 has been planned since 2009.[13]


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