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Zoner Photo Studio
Zoner Photo Studio
Zoner Photo Studio - Manager
Zoner Photo Studio 12 screenshot
Developer(s) Zoner Software
Stable release 15 / 11 December 2012; 22 months ago (2012-12-11)[1]
Operating system Windows[2]
Platform Intel Pentium (32-bit / 64-bit)
Available in English, German, Czech, Slovak (older versions were available in more languages)[2]
Type Image organizer
License Proprietary
Free edition: Freeware
Other editions: Shareware

Zoner Photo Studio is a software application developed by the Czech-founded company Zoner Software. This bitmap editor and image file manager is one of the most widely used programs for editing digital photographs in its country of origin, and is also widely used around the world.[3][4]

This software is currently available only for the Windows operating system.


This software line was originally published under the name Zoner Media Explorer. In 2004, it was renamed to Zoner Photo Studio, because the product focus switched to strictly digital photography only. A new version has been published each year during the software’s history.

Key changes brought by recent versions:

Version 12 of Zoner Photo Studio introduced the program’s division into "modules": a Manager, Viewer, Editor, and RAW module, to increase the ease of working with photo management/editing/etc. simultaneously. This was also the first version with a default charcoal gray interface, intended to ease photo viewing. Version 13 brought support for dual monitors and 64-bit versions of Windows. Version 14 brought support for batch upload to the developer’s Zonerama web gallery service and for GPU acceleration via CUDA and OpenCL.

Photo Studio 17[edit]

Zoner Photo Studio 17 was released in late 2014.

Photo Studio 16[edit]

Zoner Photo Studio 16 was released in fall 2013.

Photo Studio 15[edit]

Zoner Photo Studio was released on 9 October 2012. It brought a number of changes:[5]

Import of photographs from cameras and other devices[edit]

The method by which photographs are imported from various devices, most commonly cameras, was completely reworked.

Side panel[edit]

A side panel was added to the Editor in version 15; it houses the controls for features that formerly used more cumbersome dialogs, and for two new features, called Quick Edits (intended to provide quick access to basic edits) and Quick Filters ("packages" of global edits changing a picture’s overall look to e.g. that of a Polaroid or Lomo photo). The side panel also provides real-time previewing.

Automatic Backups[edit]

Version 15 backs up the original version of a photograph the first time it is edited. This backup helps prevent the problems that accidental overwriting of the original file would cause. The function is optional and active by default.[6]


This tool synchronizes photograph archives in two locations of the user’s choice.

Tilt Shift[edit]

This effect (configurably) blurs the background of a photograph, making its main subject(s) look like miniatures.

Increased Zonerama Support[edit]

Zonerama is Zoner Software’s web gallery/album service. Zoner Photo Studio 15 is integrated with this service more than earlier versions before. Users can newly browse their web galleries directly from the program. Another key change in this area is that Zonerama now live-updates to reflect any eventual edits to photographs published through Zoner Photo Studio.

Managing Photographs[edit]

This program’s Manager module is intended for use in managing a photo archive. It focuses heavily on support (including but not limited to display, editing, and filtering) for metadata, primarily in the Exif format, including such information types as titles, authors, descriptions, keywords, audio notes, digital signatures, and GPS data.

Zoner Photo Studio is a disk-based manager, which means that pictures are managed directly in the file system rather than needing to be kept in a proprietary database.

Editing Photos[edit]

This program’s Editor module is intended for use in retouching individual photographs. Permanent layers are not supported due to the absence of a company-specific format to store them in (the standard photographic formats do not support layers). However, the program’s Editor does offer some limited layer-like functionality for selections.

RAW Processing[edit]

The RAW module contained in this software is intended for conversion of RAW files into bitmap formats.[7] It supports RAW subformats from a wide range of digital cameras.


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